Looking to buy a Foton vehicle before the year ends? Well, you're in luck. Foton Motor Philippines brings an early year-end treat with their Fun Christmas Holideals Promo.

The promo will keep running until the end of the year, and customers can choose either a low cash-out or low monthly amortizations for the brand’s passenger and commercial vehicles. The 15-seater TransVan can be yours for as low as Php 78,000 cash out, while the 16-seater Traveller and 19-seater Traveller XL can be driven home at a Php 98,000 downpayment.

For those looking for a smaller van, the Gratour MiniVan can be yours at a low monthly amortization of only PhP 5,800. Other variants of the Gratour are also part of the promo. You can avail of the PhP 5,143 monthly plan with the Gratour MT, while the bigger and wider Gratour TM can be paid off at Php 5,800 per month.

As for the Thunder, you can bring it to your garage for as little as Php 88,000. But of you prefer an SUV, you can drive away with a Toplander from the dealership for Php 78,000.

The all-in low down payment schemes come with free comprehensive insurance with acts of nature, chattel mortgage fee, a 3-year LTO registration plus accessories such as seat covers, matting, and tint.