No matter where they go, people who are in control carry with them that striking sense of authority, that fine mixture of a tough mind and an eye for beauty, that quiet elegance that both seduces and commands respect. And these are the people who choose to drive a car that communicates the same. These are the people who choose to be behind the wheel of the Honda Accord.

Cruising through the streets, the Accord's undeniably sporty yet stylish design merits a second look. Sitting atop 17" alloy wheels, the Accord's huge dimensions and muscular design easily make it the center of attention. Every detail of the Accord speaks of power, from the metal wing shaped headlights and 6-point large grille to the forward-thrusting nose and dynamic camber. Despite its seeming aggressiveness though, the Accord is no unpolished gem. Its elegant side character lines, chromed accents, and stunning finish reveal its sophisticated grandeur.

The Accord's interior dispels any doubt about its status as a luxury sedan. You can't help but feel pampered as you settle comfortably on the ergonomically designed leather-trimmed seats. And nothing makes you feel more in control than the array of modern features and technology all within the touch of a button. The carefully laid-out new instrument panel design, paddle shift, and large Optitron meter ensure that you will have access to the gadgets and information you need in just a glance. The Accord is also loaded with top-of-the line audio system and air-conditioning system which includes a rear air vent. A sunroof and a rear electric sunshade are included in the Accord's already long list of luxuries. And most of all, the Accord offers you tremendous amount of cabin and storage space no matter where you choose to sit.

The best part about the Accord though is that it is not just an empty beautiful shell. Like the people who choose it, the Accord possesses both luxury and power. And that power comes in the form of a 3.5 L i-VTEC V6 engine capable of unleashing up to 275ps at 6200rpm. Thanks to the innovative Variable Cylinder Management technology or more popularly known as VCM 643, the Accord wields its power like any true genius. VCM 643 allows the Accord to smoothly transition from 6- to 4- to 3-cylinder mode to maximize fuel efficiency and lessen harmful emissions. The full power of the 6-cylinder mode kicks in during start-up, acceleration, high-speed driving or uphill climbing. As the Accord goes to mid-speed driving, the engine switches to 4 cylinders. Then, for moderate speed driving such as cruising around town, the engine deactivates 3 cylinders and runs at 3-cylinder mode for optimum fuel efficiency.

The Accord also makes sure that the transition from one cylinder mode will not be bothersome to its passengers by using the Active Control Engine Mount and Active Noise Control system that cancel engine vibration during cylinder deactivation. In fact, the transition is imperceptible, save for the indicator light in the instrument panel. The Accord prides itself for its driving and ride comfort which earned it the award of "Most Comfortable Ride" in the Petron 2008 Autofocus Media's Choice Awards. It has VGR (Variable Gear Ratio) for better steering accuracy, VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) and TCS (Traction Control System) to prevent slippage during an understeer or oversteer, and ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) to stop wheel lock-up during braking. Aside from improving the Accord's driving performance, these features also ensure your safety on the road.

As one proverb goes, "It is impossible to overdo luxury." And the Accord is proof of that. With its remarkable combination of style and power, the Accord communicates nothing less of being in control. You look at an Accord and you see success cruising down the street. Who wouldn't want to be in that driver's seat?

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