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Honda PH brings rain safety promos


Learn what Honda PH has to offer this rainy season

Honda Cars Philippines continues its commitment to its customers’ safety this rainy season by offering rainy season promos. These will assure you that your vehicle is in the proper condition to keep you safe on the road. These are the services included in the company’s promo:

The check-up will evaluate your vehicle’s condition, and will identify if it is fit for travel especially under heavy rains.

Your vehicle’s windshield will be freed of watermarks, grime, and fine dirt that accumulated. The windshield treatment will use a chemical coating on the windshield hat will repel rain, aiding the wipers.


Honda will offer tires at discounted tires. You can get a free semi synthetic oil for purchasing 2 tires, and a free fully synthetic oil for purchasing 4 tires. By purchasing a battery, you will be entitled to a free regular oil.

Honda will offer discounts on key safety parts such as brake pads (25% discount) and wiper blades (10% discount) for all Honda models.

The rainy season promos will be available at all Honda dealerships and authorized service centers nationwide from September 16 to October 30.

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