Purchasing a vehicle is always about getting the best, most affordable deal. Manufacturers understand this, and this is why Kia is all about practicality while being able to give you what you want with style and performance.

For the whole month of October, Kia Philippines has extended its Worth The Drive Deals promo. Until the end of the month, the Kia lineup of the Soluto, Seltos, Sportage, Grand Carnival, and K2500 are being offered with affordable payment arrangements, including low down payment or monthly amortization schemes, and even cash purchase discounts.

If you’re looking for what could be your first car, the Soluto LX MT is Kia’s answer. You can get it under a PHP 16,000 low down payment plan, a low monthly payment plan of just PHP 12,094, or get an outright PHP 40,000 discount if you opt to buy in cash.

Kia Kar Deals image

Moving up the professional ladder and in need of a crossover? The subcompact Seltos is being offered with a P50,000 cash discount or a zero-interest monthly amortization up to 18 months. You can also take advantage of the low monthly term of P19,968 (five-year terms) or low down payment of P38,000.

If you find yourself in need of something bigger, then the Sportage may be more up your ladder, being offered on a zero down payment or no-interests scheme up to 60 months. If you want to pay cash, you can enjoy discounts of PHP 250,000 for the LX Gas variant or P300,000 for the LX Diesel option. Should you opt to take it on low monthly terms, you will only have to pay PHP 23,460 and PHP 28,097 for the base and mid-grade, respectively.

For a rather larger family, the Grand Carnival LX 11-seater minivan can be purchased with zero-percent interest for up to 24 months, low payment terms like PHP 36,281 monthly for 60 months, or with a low down payment of PHP 32,000. Cash buyers can also enjoy a PHP 120,000 discount on a unit. 

If business mobility is your priority, the K2500 4x2 KARGA Plus Protect is available with a low down payment option of PHP 28,000 or a cash purchase discount of PHP 60,000. Customers can even opt for a low monthly payment of only PHP 20,186.

To make the Kia ownership more worry-free, every vehicle includes a 5-year warranty or 160,000 kilometers, whichever comes first for all models except for K2500 which has a 3-year warranty or 110,000 kilometers. Kia owners are also covered with a 24/7 Roadside Assistance- Free for 5 years, which includes Emergency Towing, Minor Onsite Repair, Medical Assistance, Personal Assistance and Information Service.

To know more about the exciting Kia deals and offers, you may call or visit any of the 34 Kia dealers nationwide or log on to the Kia website. You may also Like and Follow Kia Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to check the latest “Power to Surprise” programs in the country.