Avail any of Lexus' special red-hot deals only this month of May

Lexus is giving interested customers a very special deal when they buy an all-new NX, RX, and UX this month.

For the entire month of May, the NX, RX, and UX will all come with a free, 2-year periodic maintenance service. That's right, every variant of the aforementioned crossovers will come with the free PMS promo.

Initially, this special PMS promo was made available to 2020 models last year. But with more customers wishing to avail of the special PMS deal, Lexus decided to make it available to the three crossovers.

The Lexus NX starts at PHP 3.218 million while the RX begins at PHP 4.438 million. If you prefer the smaller UX, the crossover's price starts at PHP 2.538 million.

Aside from giving the NX, RX, and UX a free 2-year PMS, Lexus is also offering special downpayment terms for the 2020 model years of the ES 350 and LS 500h.

Depending on the customer's choice, both sedans can be availed with either a 30% or 50% downpayment for a 36-month term, 0% interest. Lexus will even throw in a free 2-year PMS if either model are purchased this month.

If you've been thinking of getting a brand new Lexus, now may be a good time to actually get one. With free 2-year PMS, you'll have less to worry about when you have to service your vehicle.