The pandemic has certainly derailed many plans this year, especially for those looking to buy a car. However, that doesn't mean that your next vehicle purchase should be permanently put on hold. If you're in the market for a Honda, driving home in one has just become that bit easier.

For August, Honda is slashing off prices on select models with their “Great Deals, Brighter Tomorrow” promo. These models are the City 1.5 VX + Navi, Mobilio RS, BR-V V Navi, Civic RS Turbo, and CR-V 2.0 S (gas). Not only that, but those who will buy any of the mentioned cars will also get a freebie that will make driving in the new normal that little bit safer.

For the City 1.5 VX + Navi, there's a cash discount of Php 120,000, bringing the price down to Php 940,000. The Mobilio RS also gets a discount of Php 120,000, meaning you can drive it home for Php 965,000. If a seven-seat crossover is what you need, the BR-V V Navi's price is now down to Php 1,085,000 if you avail of the Php 70,000 discount. As for the CR-V 2.0 S, Honda is taking Php 150,000 off the list price, and it could now be yours for Php 1,518,000 with the cash discount.

What about the Civic RS Turbo? Among all the cars mentioned, this one has the biggest discount. Just for this month, you can drive home this boosted Civic for Php 300,000 less. At Php 1,276,000, the Civic RS Turbo could be the performance bargain you're looking for. Regardless of what model you purchase, you are entitled to get a free Blaupunkt Air Purifier Airpure AP 1.0 set that can provide clean air inside the cabin.

Aside from the cash discounts, there are also special all-in financing programs. There's a 10% downpayment scheme with 36-60 months payment terms for select models. These are available through BPI Family Savings Bank, RCBC, China Bank Savings, and Bank of Commerce. Other all-in financing promo option offers, such as low cash-out, low monthly amortization, and free one-month amortization at 15% and 20% downpayment with 36-60 months payment terms, is available through BPI Family Savings Bank, RCBC, Bank of Commerce, China Bank Savings, UCPB, BDO, PNB, PSBank, East West Bank, and Robinsons Bank.