Have you've been trying to convince your friend to get an all-new car in order to replace their old one? Well Toyota Motor Philippine (TMP) is giving you and your friend a good reason to get a new set of wheels.

Recently, the automaker launched the Toyota Referral Rewards program. Under this new promo, existing Toyota customers can get a chance to receive up to Php 8,000 worth of gift certificates for every successful referral.

“If you have purchased any brand new Toyota vehicle and you know someone whom you think deserves to enjoy the great value and quality of a Toyota Vios, this program is for you. What better way to convince others to purchase a Toyota than sharing about the fulfillment of owning one,” said Cristina Arevalo, TMP first vice president for Brand and Product Planning.

Customers simply have to contact any of Toyota's 69 authorized dealerships nationwide. From there, customers can then register the name of the prospective Vios customer that plans on buying one. Alternatively, they may also send an email to Toyota's Customer Assistance Center via [email protected] or dial (02) 819-2912 to inquire about their preferred dealership.

Refer a friend to get a Vios, win up to Php 8K worth of gift certificates image

In order to qualify, the referrer's Toyota vehicle has to be purchased brand new from any authorized dealership. In addition, the vehicle must be invoiced under his/her name. Once at the dealership, photocopy of a valid ID (with an address) must be presented. For IDs without an address, customers must have a copy of proof of billing. However, purchasing Vios fleet accounts or vehicles to a company or government institution is not qualified to join this program.

For every successful referral of a Toyota Vios sale, the referrer gets Php 5,000 worth of gif certificates upon release of the unit. An additional Php 3,000 are also up for grabs if the transaction is made through Toyota's in-house financing service. Successful referrers will be notified via email or SMS once the transaction has been verified. The gift certificates will be sent to them via courier once the unit has been released.

“There is no limit to the number of referrals, so the more friends you have who are interested in buying a Vios, the more chances of getting rewards,” added Arevalo.

The Toyota Referral Rewards promo runs until July 31, 2019. For more information regarding Toyota's new rewards program, visit www.toyota.com.ph.