Owning a brand new car is now easier. Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is currently offering its customers numerous ways to save when buying a brand new car for the month of May. From the Vios to the Fortuner, customers can avail of big discounts and flexible financing schemes with TMP’s Summer Blowout Promo.

Customers paying via financing can choose between two different methods: Pay Low or Pay Light. Those who opt for the Pay Low package get an all-in package which includes 15% down payment with 1st-year insurance and 3-year LTO registration for free. Meanwhile, those who choose the Pay Light package come with low monthly payments at 50% down payment and 60 months to pay. 

Save big when buying a brand new Toyota this May image

For those who plan to purchase via straight payment, outright cash discounts are also available. Customers can get up to Php 110,000 savings on the Vios G and G+ variants. In addition to that, Vios G and E (including Prime) variants come with a free maintenance package for up to 20,000 kilometers. 

These summer deals are also available for other models. Get as much as Php 100,000 savings on the Hilux, as much as Php 90,000 on the Fortuner, and Php 70,000 on the Innova.

The Summer Blowout Promo runs until May 31, 2019 only.

For more information on this promo, and to get details on Toyota’s available models, visit www.toyota.com.ph or visit TMP’s official social media pages.