Motor Image Pilipinas, the exclusive distributor of Subaru in the Philippines is giving potential Subaru owners an early holiday surprise. From now until the 31st of December, buyers can take advantage of exclusive offers for the last few units of the turbocharged Forester XT, and for the base variant of their best-selling crossover, the XV.

With the Forester being updated to naturally aspirated engines, the turbocharged Foresters from the previous generation have become rather sought-after models. This year-end sale is giving those who want the signature boosted feel of Subaru a chance to own a Forester at zero down payment.

Subaru is putting the last turbo Forester stocks on sale image

As for the XV, the base variant 2.0i is being offered on promo with a PhP 29,000 low down payment. Subaru’s crossover has been gathering a following since its introduction. For those who are looking for a Subaru that is not as hefty but has the same driving prowess the brand is known for, the XV has been the more affordable and practical go-to for would-be buyers.

Subaru is putting the last turbo Forester stocks on sale image

Included in the promo are additional cash discounts for other 2018 models.

As is standard with every purchase, Subaru vehicles come with over 100 safety features plus their 5-year comprehensive warranty coverage. There are limited stocks so heading to the dealership before they run out may be a good idea.