Thinking of getting a D-segment sedan soon for slightly less? Motor Image Pilipinas, the official distributor of Subaru cars in the Philippines recently launched an all-new promo for the Legacy.

Exclusive to the 2.5-liter model, cash purchasers will be able to avail a PhP 200,000 discount. On the other hand, those that plan to buy the Legacy through in-house financing will get 0-percent interest.

Customers are also eligible to get a 20-percent downpayment when they opt for the 36-month / 3-year financing scheme. Meanwhile a 50-percent downpayment is offered for buyers that get the 60-month / 5-year financing scheme.

Other flexible financing deals are available should these not fit one's needs.

Vist any Subaru showrooms nationwide to avail of this limited promo which runs until September 30, 2017.