This May, Motor Image Pilipinas, the official Subaru distributor in the Philippines, offers low prices on their select vehicles. Discounts may be availed on the mulitples variants of the Forester, XV, and the Outback. Because of the large discounts, prices of these vehicles are now even lower than before the TRAIN law was put in place.

Beginning with the Subaru Forester, all-variants are included in Motor Image's latest offer and comes with a Php 150,000 discount. The Forester 2.0i-L, coming from its pre-Train price of Php 1,468,000, is now priced at only Php 1,398,000. Meanwhile, the Forester 2.0i-P, which costs Php 1,678,000 pre-Train now offered at Php 1,618,000. The range topper Forester 2.0 X cost Php 1,948,000 before the Train-bill, and is currently priced at Php 1,898,000.

Along with the Forester, the all variants of the XV is being offered with an Php 80,000 discount. Pre-Train, the XV 2.0i was offered at Php 1,348,000. With the discount, it now costs Php 1,338,000. The XV 2.0i-S, both with and without EyeSight, was offered at Php 1,538,000 pre-Train. The non-EyeSight variant still costs the same due to the discount. Meanwhile, the EyeSight equipped model retails at Php 1,588,000.

Last but not least, the Subaru Outback is also part of the brand's latest offer. From Php 2,288,000 pre-Train law, the Outback 3.6R with EyeSight now costs Php 2,208,000. Sans the Php 200,000 discount, it current retails at Php 2,408,000.

Motor Image Pilipinas' latest offers are available on Subaru dealerships nationwide. The special offers are only until the end of May 2018.