Sad that Subaru Forester is no longer offered with a turbo? Well now is your final chance to get the last of the boosted Foresters, and Subaru Philippines is making that opportunity easier for you. They have announced special financing deals on the Forester XT.

Until February 28, Subaru is offering a low downpayment scheme for the boosted Forester. Buy one today, and you can drive home in it for as low as Php 178,000. Alternately, you can still avail of the Php 250,000 discount on the Forester XT which Subaru Philippines announced last year. That means you can get the last of the turbocharged Foresters for a little under Php 1.8 million.

But if the turbo Forester is a little too much for you, the Forester 2.0i-P also has a special promo until the end of the month. For that variant, you can avail of zero interest if you choose to finance the car for up to five years. Like the Forester XT, the 2.0i-P also has a discounted price. In the case of this particular model, it's Php 200,000 off, meaning you can get it for less than Php 1.6 million.

Terms and conditions apply for both promos and there are other deals on offer as well. To find out more, visit your nearest Subaru dealership.