As the saying goes, 'Great things sometimes come in small packages'. It couldn’t be more true with the all-new Audi Q2 that went from global reveal to the streets of Metro Manila in a matter of sixteen months.

Fast-tracking the distribution of this model shows that Audi has high hopes for this compact crossover and though only the base model has been made available in the local market – it has a total of five trims – it will bank on the Filipino’s penchant for SUVs to give it a lift.

Standing at 1,508 mm, the Q2 is less than an inch shy of 5 feet making it a very low-slung crossover, maybe the one with the lowest profile yet. And that’s what catches the eye very quickly. Almost just as tall as regular sedans, it immediately suggests sportiness and agility without having to move an inch.

2018 Audi Q2

Audi’s signature Singleframe Grille in a subtle octagonal design is a large visual ‘Hello!’ at first sight. It comes bordered by large boxy air vents at the bottom and similarly styled, albeit in a smaller version, LED headlamps at the top with dynamic turn signals. Another striking feature of the headlights is that it runs in intervals of four-tenth of a second from the inside out in order to increase visibility by as much as 38-percent.

The roof sharply descends right after the B-pillar to induce a coupe-like effect down to the the C-pillars with color offset blades that give it a ‘floating’ appearance. 17-inch wheels come as standard but it would look even cooler 19-inch five-spoke Audi Sport alloys finished in gloss anthracite black. Meanwhile, the rear tailgate tapers dramatically as expected to keep with the Q2’s styling, which also greatly reduces the cargo space should you keep the cover on to keep bags and other stuff hidden from prying eyes.

Audi says the Q2's architecture takes after the one used by a majority of Volkswagen Group cars – the MQB platform – to literally give it a bigger advantage inside despite having exterior dimensions of a crossover but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

2018 Audi Q2

The cabin feels compact without a doubt. Maybe the low ceiling tricks the mind into thinking there’s very little space to go around but by the looks of it, five (average sized Filipinos) would be a snug fit. Leather seats front and back are just the right touch for a Php 2.780 million unit (pre-TRAIN implementation) and the soft, rubbery material on the top of the entire dashboard will surely be less painful should you be dumb enough to not wear your seatbelt.

A chrome strip along the middle spans the length of the panel – at the bottom part is climate control while above it are the four cylindrical aircon vents.

Sitting on top and in the middle is a 5.8-inch infotainment monitor controlled by a rotary-push button situated along the center tunnel. Interface and use is pretty elementary since it only offers settings for the vehicle, sound, radio, media, and mobile phone connection via Bluetooth. It also comes with two USB ports, one in front and the other inside the center console.

The sport contour leather steering wheels could be just a tad smaller but it may not fit all its multi functions, which include controls for the instrument cluster, audio and hands-free system, plus the shift paddles and the cruise control at the back.

2018 Audi Q2

Pop the hood and a tiny 1.0-liter TFSI three-cylinder engine makes its home in the Q2. It may be smaller than most engines, but do remember the motor benefits from turbocharging and direct injection. It generates a healthy 116 PS along with 200 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to a seven-speed dual-clutch S-Tronic transmission.

In purely city driving, fuel returns are minimal – 6.8 km/l based on the trip computer. Consumption on the highway would surely be better just on the basis of the engine alone and could be closer to Audi’s estimate of 25.5 km/l.

2018 Audi Q2

The local Q2 will only be available with a single tailpipe but it makes up for it with seven stunning body colors – Mythos Black, Glacier White, Quantum Grey, Tango Red, Vegas Yellow and Coral Orange.

Ground clearance is a sexy 5.7 inches (145 mm). It uses a rear semi-independent suspension, anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stabilization control (ESC), an electro-mechanical parking brake, dual airbags (driver and passenger), and side airbags with curtain bags in front.

There’s a reason Filipinos are going for small crossovers, and it won't be surprising if this petite little number from Audi is one of the top choices. It is a fine example of German design and engineering. Clean and handsome lines that show balance and sophistication on the outside, yet stocked with features for a fun and environment-friendly (Euro 6) driving experience on the inside.

  • Make:Audi
  • Model:Q2 1.0
  • Engine:1.0-liter DOHC 12-valve Inline-3 TFSI
  • Max Power:116 PS @ 5000 - 5500 rpm
  • Max Torque:200 Nm @ 2000 - 3500 rpm
  • Transmission:7-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch
  • Price as Tested:₱ 2,780,000