It's that time of the year again when revheads and petrol heads, custom car and pick-up truck fanatics convene for a taste of car styling, tuning and whatnots at the running of the 2013 Bangkok International Auto Salon. The Japanese Auto Salon is invading Thailand together with D1 Grand Prix as well in partnership with Inspire Entertainment. Tuning is fast gaining ground in Southeast Asia. And for those with an incurable enthusiasm for cars, this is the time to get a fix for their obsession.

With Bangkok's car crazy crowd waiting yet again for another event for the styling and tuning scene, the Bangkok International Auto Salon twinned with the the Tokyo Auto Salon was the perfect solution. Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani like all other major car shows in Bangkok once again housed this much awaited gathering where tuners, racers and fans turned up in numbers to mingle and share. Thai car enthusiasts were treated to super tuned cars, and exotic super cars that lined the halls of the expansive trade center.

With some street/showroom cars becoming so mundane now and it's becoming too expensive to change or upgrade cars; the tuning scene in South East Asia is steadily gaining pace. Enthusiasts decide to spend some money making their cars better, personalize it, to get more out of it. Beef up your wheels, upgrade your suspensions, pump up the horsepower, put in a good sound system, or try out some new exterior color and looks.

JDM racequeens at Bangkok International Auto Salon

Japan's already legendary and fiercely tuned rides were brought over as centerpieces for the event in cooperation with Tokyo Auto Salon organizers as part of their twinning program. You may just have to admire and drool over the Tokyo Auto Salon cars for all it's worth and artistry. Some lovely car babes from the Land of the Rising Sun were also seen strutting around from booths to booths throughout the day.

Popular Thai motor sport and car culture events, with highlights from the the country's automotive history, featuring the biggest, best, fastest, loudest and most outrageous vehicles of all time were displayed.

Official car manufacturers' booths were displaying their latest demo cars, not to mention selling their mainstream models too. Toyota displayed their TRD-tuned variants, Honda were displaying their Modulo and Mugen-tuned versions, Nissan was present with their NISMO concepts, while Mazda also displayed their own tuned wares. Japanese and European aftermarket companies like Carlsson, HKS, Project Mu, Rays Wheels, RS-R, Spoon Sports, Tracy Sports, and Work.  Throughout the day, activities were aplenty and music hummed busily with the intermittent flow of beauties at the wet car wash corner.

RC drifting at Bangkok International Auto Salon

The Bangkok International Auto Salon isn't all about the show cars, the tune-up parts and product showcase as well as the girls but also about action. Apart from the D1 Grand Prix drift, a RC race was organized in the small makeshift track laid out in one corner of Challenger Hall.