German engineering meets eyewear tech and design with new ic! berlin and Mercedes-Benz collab

There’s nothing more exhilarating than a long drive in an amazing machine. Take Mercedes-Benz, for example. For such a fine piece of machinery, only individuals who take driving seriously will push the car to its limits. But what if the driver’s limits are hindered by what is the most common of problems: less than ideal vision?

ic! berlin realizes that only a clear vision from the driver’s point of view can result in the best and safest way to enjoy a drive. In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, two German brands have released a special line of eyewear with driving pleasure and comfort in mind. Plus they’re all about fashion and classy aesthetics as well.

With a lineup of five Mercedes-Benz Collection frames with one bearing the AMG brand, ic! berlin’s newest collaboration truly is for the auto enthusiast, and the fashion aficionado.

While some may find it uncommon, collaborations such as this make a lot of sense. A sense of high performance and the attention to the most minute detail are the biggest common ground between ic! berlin and Mercedes-Benz and these eyepieces are a testament to both brands’ drive towards being the best.

“MB showed interest by approaching us at the Milan eyewear fair. We both share common visions in design and brand, so a collaboration seemed inevitable. After visiting their headquarters and taking a deep dive in the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy, we were excited about the prospect of creating an eyewear collection together,” said Harry Skinner, head designer if ic! berlin in an interview.

Unveiled to the public in the recently held Opti Munich Trade Fair, the five sunglasses quickly caught the eyes of many, pun intended. From the radical Shield, the male-spec MB 01 and MB 03, the female-specific MB 02, and the AMG 01, there's an eyepiece for everyone’s needs and taste.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

Taking center-stage - the MB Shield. Designed as a monolens, it takes inspiration from the style ethos of Mercedes-Benz of intelligent and progressive design. The Shield’s design is both functional and fashionable, accomplished by its reduced set of materials, and its metal frame that protrudes right through the lens.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

Of course, the MB line has its male-oriented pieces as well. Starting with the MB 01, the lines in the bridge are recognizable from Mercedes-Benz’s automobiles. More wing-like and slightly upswept compared to the MB 03, the 01 has a more angular aesthetic, making both it and its wearer look a lot sharper.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

Similar lines on the bridge can also be seen on the 03. The main difference, though, is its smoother, more rounded-off angles compared to the 01. Comparable to a more angular “aviator” treatment, the 03 is a milder, but no less bold statement for whoever may wear it.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

Freer-flowing lines can be seen on the female-oriented MB 02. Gone are the square and angular lenses of the 01 and 03, and instead, it employs smooth curves and much rounder lines on both the frame and lens pieces. Overall it gives the 02 a softer, more feminine and at the same time sporty attitude.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

For the more sporting individual, nothing screams high-performance more than “AMG”, and that’s what ic! berlin saw in crafting the AMG 01. This particular model gets a sportier lens form and comes with signature red or white color accents. Add to that its unique bridge design and its textured lines, you get a look reminiscent of the bold front grille design that is unmistakably Mercedes-Benz AMG.

Looking good is one thing, and functioning best for every driving condition is just as, if not more important. ic! berlin saw fit to use driving-optimized Zeiss lenses for all the pieces in the Mercedes-Benz collection.

Performance and fashion meet: ic! berlin x Mercedes-Benz image

“It is ic! berlin’s strategy to work with other German brands, particularly names that are pioneers in their field. Mercedes-Benz is constantly innovating not just in the automotive industry but also across several ‘beyond the car’ disciplines. Mercedes-Benz is fascinating in terms of conceptual work and design approach, particularly within the realm of interaction. Their style identity evokes an emotional reaction that adds to a unique user experience. The biggest challenge was, how could this be translated to eyewear? Also, the idea of blending handmade precision with innovative expertise was a highly motivating factor,” Skinner later added.

The MB line’s price starts at PHP 31,890 while the AMG’s price starts at PHP 33,890. The special Zeiss lenses come in colors that are either Nightfall (black) or Roadster (brown).

ic! berlin is available in the following stores:

- E.Y.E Republic Optical
- LS Pascual Optical
- Paris Miki
- Ronnie & Joe
- J. Vinas Optical, Shangri-La Plaza Mall
- Sarabia Optical Rockwell