Driving around the Metro these days can become quite the chore. With an average time of 4 to 5 hours spent on the road every day going north to south or vice versa, things can get a bit stressful for your everyday commute. That said, a little can go a long way when it comes to kitting out your vehicle for your convenience. Everything from reverse sensors to something as small as a phone mount can more than make up for their cost when you consider the small conveniences they provide every day.

Here we will outline some simple yet very useful accessories for your trusty vehicle:

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Driving Lights

You wouldn’t believe how much more added visibility a simple change of headlight bulbs can give to your evening drives. Thanks to more visibility you will no longer need to squint at objects far ahead and you can stay alert at a steady pace. You will then have more confidence driving at night with a proper set of lights, and during inclement weather you can stay more visible to oncoming drivers as well.

While changing your main headlight bulbs can already make a difference, those who are more invested into their vehicles may go as far as to completely overhaul their headlamps with a Projector Retrofit upgrade or add additional foglamps. All well and good, but just make sure to have your beams aligned properly so as not to glare any oncoming traffic.

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Reverse Sensors/Camera

Gone are the days when you can get away with reversing into a parking slot without the help of a backup sensor or camera. With the design of cars these days prioritizing crumple zones and streamlined aerodynamics, a good portion of the rear section of most cars can no longer be seen by simply looking backwards as we were taught in driving school. And while most cars come with back up sensors or cameras standard, usually entry level vehicles are not given the same benefit.

Investing in a set of cameras and back up sensors can be seen as cheap insurance – cheaper versus having to have your rear bumper repainted every now and then over fender benders at least.

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Wide angle rear-view mirrors

On the topic of limited rear visibility, most cars are specced with equally small rear view mirrors that are barely enough to cover the scope of the small backglass of your vehicle. Upgrading to a wide angle convex rear-view mirror will allow for extra visibility on the rear quarter windows, thereby eliminating a common blind spot for the passenger side mirror.

These items usually just clip onto the existing rear view mirror and can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another, thus making the wide angle rear view mirror a rather versatile item to have in your arsenal.

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3D Fitted Floor Mats, Cargo Trays, and Cargo Nets

Ask any family man who has to clean his car every now and then and he will tell you that the kids will have PLENTY of clutter and food crumbs sprinkled all over the back seats. Sometimes these crumbs reach hard-to-reach sections of the car and cannot be removed even with a good vacuum cleaning. Thankfully with the advances of technology come a simple solution that will not only keep your interior clean, but is easy enough to clean on its own.

The rise in demand for various brands of reputable 3D-fitted floor mats and cargo trays is a clear indication of just how easy it is to work with these items. These mats contour to all the creases of every footwell and cargo section in your vehicle and can be removed like a cup. They can hold spilt liquids, crumbs, and pretty much anything that will otherwise stain a good carpet. Simply remove the mats, spray some water and rinse, leave them to dry and put them back in. No more horrors of having to clean spills and stains off your car’s carpet.

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Rain Deflectors

When driving in the rain, variances in temperature outside and inside your vehicle can cause fogging. The easiest solution is to turn on your defoggers and turn up the heat to even out the temperature, but what if your car doesn’t come with those standard? A set of rain deflectors will allow you to slightly lower the windows and not get wet – all while allowing air from the outside to regulate the temperature in your cabin.

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In the unfortunate case of an accident or collision, it’s your word against the other party’s. That said, what better way to prove your case than to have actual video footage of the incident on hand? A dashcam wired to your vehicle that operates whenever the car is on can prove handy in such dire situations. Again, an eyewitness versus covering an accident all out of your own pocket.

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USB Charging Ports

We have to admit that we’re highly dependent on technology these days. It has reached a point that we have to carry around a charging cable as well as a sizeable power bank with us whenever we go out. When you’re stuck in traffic and probably playing music off your phone, your vehicle can serve as a power bank on wheels with a USB Charging Port or two for both yourself and another passenger. Just make sure your passengers provide their own cables.

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Dehumidifiers, Air Fresheners, and Ionizers

These days people tend to forget that air quality is a vital part of general health. With the way we get stuck in traffic daily we are not exactly getting the best air for our lungs and airways. Much as the air outside is terrible with all the pollution, we can control air quality inside our cabins to a tolerable quality. Alongside regular replacement of cabin filters, a dehumidifier can also help prevent moisture and mold buildup in your interior. An air freshener can give a decent scent to keep your cabin fresh. Lastly, a plug-in Ionizer will be responsible for cleaning air to a molecular degree.

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Magnetic Phone Mounts

Often we use our phones for various functions during our commute. Everything from watching movies (which we do not advise) or navigation is only one click away on our phones. A decent magnetic phone mount that is properly positioned on your dashboard will help take your hands off your phone and keep them planted on the wheel.

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Window Tint

Our tropical climate isn’t exactly the most forgiving type of weather to endure in. Sitting in traffic under the heat of the sun without any protection can contribute to skin diseases in the long run, and no your air conditioning won’t help you with that. A good set of UV rejecting window tints may prove to be healthy for you and your passengers in the long run – and of course there is nothing expensive when it comes to health and wellness. While subtle and mildly dark tint is acceptable, it is another story entirely for heavily dark tint.

These are some items which we feel can make your trips around town that bit easier on you and your passengers. For our next feature, we’ll look at some items that don’t actually do much to help your car’s performance. Stay tuned!

Special thanks to Motion Maxx Car Accessories.