Summer is here, as we continue to feel the heat of the sun and be blinded by its rays. By now, most of the people living in the Metro want to have an escape from the urban jungle and the daily routine of life. With this, you might be one of the many going on a summer vacation getaway, with friends or your family. Yes, going a road trip is so exciting that we sometimes forget to consider the essential things to bring during the anticipated urban jungle escape.

So, we listed some essential things to pack for the long road trip this summer. Remember, it's better to be prepared than to end up spoiling the fun during your trip because you forgot something.

MiLi Power Solutions 

Power banks, chargers and adapters

We undeniably live in a connected world, all our smartphones, tablets, cameras and whatnots need power to function. For those who like to constantly share their experiences through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; so much so that they might run of battery to make important calls. Always remember to bring your adapters, chargers, cables and power banks when packing for a trip. While on the road, you can plug the lighter plug MiLi Smart Dual Car Charger to charge two devices from its two USB ports with 2.4A capability for high-capacity tablets like the 4th-gen iPad.

The MiLi Universal Charger II is a versatile two-in-one solution which allows in-car charging with its integrated lighter plug, while the different plug adapters allows charging from the wall socket at your destination. It features 2.1A dual USB port charging The various wall socket adapters come in handy when you're traveling abroad as well.

As you reach your destination, the sleek and stylish MiLi Power Nova I slips neatly inside your bag, it gives 5000mAh of instant juice for your smartphone, GPS, tablet or point and shoot camera. It can also charge two devices simultaneously with its integrated micro-USB cable and and additional USB output slot.

Make sure you use a good quality portable power solution from a reputable manufacturer, you don't want to end up with a malfunctioning or broken gadget at your destination. Visit MiLi Philippines for more info or call +63917-5754812.

kor hydration vessels

Refreshments and Snacks

We constantly need to hydrate ourselves. It is recommended that we drink six to eight glasses of water a day. Sometimes we get too excited during a trip that we forget to drink water and end up not feeling well. Bring a bottle or two of water to make your journey a pleasurable one. Better yet, be environmentally concious while being stylish with Kor water vessels. The new Kor Nava filter bottle makes normal tap water taste and smell great. It can filter chlorine and odors using its CocoPura coconut shell carbon activated filter tested to exceed NSF 42 standards. It is important to note that Nava is designed for use with potable water only. The Kor Mesa sports bottle was designed to optimize water flow for easy sipping with a mouthpiece that fits comfortably on your lips. KOR Water bottles are made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, an FDA-approved, health-safe material that's durable and beautifully clear. To keep the mouthpiece from germs and dirt, it features an easy push button cap.  Visit or call 02-3771845 for more info.

JOCO Coffee Cups

In case you feel the need to perk up with a cup of coffee, bring along your home brew or drop by your favorite coffee shop and put it in a JOCO cup. Made from strong borosilicate glass, the JOCO cup is a ridiculously stylish sturdy and smart solution to enjoying your everyday coffee. The anti-splash lid and the grip is made from thermal silicone. Modeled after standard coffee cups, they're available in 8oz and 12oz sizes. And you'll be doing the mother nature a favor by using less paper cups. Visit for more info.

Bring some snacks to have something to munch while on a long road trip. A snack such as sandwich or biscuits will be beneficial especially when you start your travel early in the morning and didn’t have time for breakfast. Yes, you may opt to make stopovers along the way, but when your tummy is asking for food its hard to resist and to wait for the next gas station to grab something to eat. 

Nonya Sunblock 

Sun protection

While it is nice to go out and enjoy the sunlight and enjoy its benefits, it does come with harmful effects from skin cancer causing UV rays. Sun protection like sun block spray or lotion provides the necessary defense against the harmful effects of the sun. Nonya Sunblock cream comes in SPF 30 and special derma-grade formulation to be hypoallergenic. For inquiries contact +63922-8303900.


Bags or luggage

Make sure you bring a bag or luggage that is in good condition. While it's nice and all that you're being sentimental with your favorite bag, if it's about to break or give way; go and buy a new one. You wouldn't want your things to be falling out of your bag with a hole.



Always protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun when going outdoors. Yes, wearing sunglasses is more than just a summer look thing. The rays of the sun may also distract you while driving by making it hard to look straight on the road.

Cignus two-way radios

Two Way Radios

Cellphone signals may not be good when going to really far places. What if you're in a convoy and lose sight of the lead car? Easy, call him, but wait your phone has no signal right. That's why it's ideal to have two way radios on board to have a worry free means of communication wherever regardless of network signals. Communicating through two way radios is also faster compared to using your cellphone. Cignus UV85 portable dual band UHF/VHF radios feature digital technology and are compact in size. They also come in different colors if you find black too ordinary. All Cignus products are NTC approved, and come with one-year warranty and lifetime product support. Contact Cignus Philippines at (02)488.0965 or email [email protected] to find a dealer near you.


Emergency Cash

It is recommended that you bring emergency cash with you that is kept in a different bag or wallet in case of the unfortunate event of losing either. Or on the other hand, having an emergency cash will let you go all out during your summer getaway. Just make sure that you have enough emergency cash before you become a big spender.


Reusable plastic bags

When going out to the beach or pool, make sure you bring resealable plastic bags to put your smartphones, tablets, money and room keycard in. You wouldn’t want to accidentally mix your wet clothes or towels with them in your bag.

First aid Kit

First aid kit, basic medicine bag

Let’s face it, sometimes accidents do happen and when it does, having a first aid kit will be for your own good. Also, don’t forget to pack your prescribed medicine/s to ensure a fun filled getaway. Plus, it’s for your own good, as they say, health is wealth. It’s also advisable to prepare a basic medicine bag where all health or hygiene related things are stored such as paracetamol, alcohol, and so on.

Emergency Numbers

List of emergency numbers

Always remember to bring a list of emergency numbers with you when going on a long trip. Have a list of important contact numbers of police, ambulance, tollways, etc. You’ll never know what will happen along the way. It might not be for you, but they could come in handy in case a fellow motorist or pedestrian needs a helping hand. You can download our emergency numbers list and print it or keep it in your smartphone or tablet.

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