There exists a generic way of doing an automotive driving experience.

Mix one car company, toss in a couple of their latest automobiles, have pretty girls pose with them for a few photos and then take the cars out for a spin on a closed course in a parking lot that prioritizes safety (read: boring) more than generating a drive worth writing home about.

Porsche, however, doesn't read from the same playbook; something that was made clear by the 2015 Porsche World Roadshow.


For the unfamiliar, the Porsche World Roadshow is an internationally-held driving event that serves up a veritable Porsche buffet to your heart's content. And given that Porsches are proudly bred and raced in circuits all over the globe, PGA Cars, the official Porsche distributor in the Philippines, chose to hold it where it belongs: the Clark International Speedway.

Technically speaking, the 2015 edition of the Porsche World Roadshow in the Philippines is already the fourth since PGA Cars became the sole distributor in 1995; the first one took place in the late 90's (or so we're told), followed by the 2006 edition in the Clark Freeport Zone and the 2012 edition in the then newly-completed Clark International Speedway.

911 GT3

The event brings all that is Porsche in one venue and allows participants to experience all the latest Porsches that were brought in specifically for the drive. Porsche also brings in instructors from their divisions all over the world to conduct lessons in high performance driving for the participants so they can better (and safely) enjoy what their unique models have to offer.

For the 2015 PWRS, Porsche Philippines brought in a near-complete line up to be driven. The Panamera (4-door luxury super sedan), the Cayenne (luxury SUV), the Boxter (2-door mid-engine convertible) and the Cayman (2-door mid-engine coupe) were available in various guises and configurations. The newly-launched compact SUV, the Macan, was also in attendance in different forms, including the Turbo. And, of course, no Porsche line would be complete without the latest generation of the iconic 911 (Type 991) as the Carrera, Targa and Cabrio.

The Clark International Speedway was split up into several different sections for the different activities such as handling, slalom, off-road and even a road tour, though the last one takes place on Clark's wide open streets.


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Road Tour

The Road Tour offers a variety of cars such as the Boxster, the Panamera and the Macan. On the backroads of Clark, participants would get a real world experience of how Porsches behave as everyday cars. The power of the engines, the confidence offered by the supremely sorted chassis and the comfort offered by the premium interiors are excellent hallmarks of Porsche.



There is also an off-road course wherein participants can experience what the Porsche Cayenne can do when there is no tarmac or concrete around. The Cayenne displayed its capabilities in handling most kinds of terrain through the use of clever electronics such as traction control and even its adjustable height suspension


Handling exercises

Handling 1 & 2

The handling course was undoubtedly the main event given that it has all of the Porsche models on offer. Participants get to attack about 80% of the circuit (the main straight is reserved for the slalom course) utilizing the 911 Carrera 4S, the 911 Targa 4S, the Cayman GTS (the seemingly unanimous favorite) and many others. Even the larger Cayennes and Panameras were also there to be pushed to their limits, though the difference between them and the sports cars were as clear as night and day.

Slalom with Boxster GTS


Porsche also set up a small slalom course to have some fun with their latest roadster: the new Boxster GTS.

The slalom was simple but tricky. All you have to do is manage the balance of the car around the cones and then come around and do it again. Nothing fancy, but push too hard and you'll go wide at the turnaround.


911 lineup

At the end of a full day's worth of high performance driving, you really have to take a minute to absorb the cars that you can drive, the sensations and the photos you took and many more. This was indeed an experience unlike any other.

Yes, no one can serve up an automotive buffet quite like the Porsche World Roadshow.

For interested parties who want to experience what Porsche is all about, sign up and join this year's Porsche World Roadshow. The PWRS runs until Thursday (February 26, 2015) and each driving slot costs around PhP 20,000.

Slots are limited, so give PGA Cars a call at (02) 727-0381.