There was a time I drove a dozen different cars for a year. I rented all of them, but this was the time I worked completely corporate so the dispensable income covered the expenditures. I drove SUVs, compact cars, two-door hatchbacks, luxury cars, semi-sports cars and even huge vans, but what I noticed was that the bigger the car I drove, the less likely other drivers on the road presumed the person behind the wheel was a lady.

Sure, they may be able to tell once they are on the oncoming traffic, but how have I used my femininity to my advantage in the past and continue to do so today?

Read on to learn more about how you can use girl power on the road


Tip #1: Don’t Use Tinted Windows

What I have noticed is when men see that a girl is driving the car next to them, they tend to give way more often than if they thought another man was driving. Sexist? Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as an advantage. If in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic, look to the left and right; and make eye contact with the other drivers. For sure upon seeing you are a woman, they will give way. Doesn’t seem to be working? Then do…


Tip #2: Smile

They say a smile is infectious. When you're stressing out because everyone else seems to be, then work a smile towards that agitated man driving the car next to you; most definitely after such a surprising gesture, he will feel embarrassed if he does not show courtesy and give you the right of way. So smile, smile, and smile some more to not only will you maintain a happy disposition, but you might just infect another stressed out soul with your positive outlook on the road.


Tip #3: Stick That Hand Out

Nothing frustrates me more than trying to switch lanes, but no single vehicle seem to be allowing me to do so from behind, so instead I get stuck in the same spot as other vehicles pass me by. How to resolve this issue? Stick your hand out of your window. Seems simple enough, but trust me, the minute that male driver behind you sees that the vehicle in front of him is being driven by a woman, he will automatically give way. Didn’t have time to polish your nails and can’t grow your claws, hence your hand looks like a dude’s? (Such as in my case, punching pebbles in a box from practicing Kung Fu). Then move on to…


Tip #4: Stick Your Head Out

I know this may seem really silly, but it sure does work! A man driving behind you initially getting stingy with the road and not letting you switch lanes infront of him, upon seeing that you are a woman (helps too if you are looking very pretty, such as when you are made up for a party, for example), will most definitely, slow down or come to a halt to allow you to pass. Challenge here is when you need to switch lanes on the right side of the road; can’t really stick your head that far out the window (unless your E.T.), so this is when the next tip comes in handy.


Tip #5: Have a Hot Female Companion On Your Passenger Seat

I’m not saying that you should not leave the house to drive without your hottie of a friend, but if ever you do happen to have a female lady (attractive or not), sitting with you in the front seat, you can use that to your advantage as well. If you have been trying to signal your intent to switch lanes to the right side of the road, and this does not seem to be working, as in the case of a bumper-to-bumper traffic situation, then roll down your friend’s window and have her do Tip #3 (Stick Her Hand Out The Window), if that does not work, then move on to Tip #4 (Have Her Stick Her Head Out The Window, follow it up with Tip #2 and Smile) That would surely do the trick


There may be feminists who will absolutely dislike every single tip I have in this article. But come to think of it, when I think of feminists, I envision someone who’s a bit uptight and filled with a lot of ideals that seem very one-sided. So call me an anti-feminist if you may because one thing for sure: I don’t like getting agitated on the road. I don’t like succumbing to cursing random strangers driving the vehicles around me, and so I come to a solution of using my femininity to get my way. It doesn’t hurt me, nor anyone else, so what could be so wrong about pretending to be a damsel in distress every now and then?

As far as my own experience goes, this is simply being smart about it and using what we have to our advantage. Pretend to be in distress and be de-stressed on the road.

You ladies ever tried this as well? To the men, am I right in saying that a woman in distress gives you that uncontrollable tendency to become a modern-day gentleman on the road?

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