With the congestion that plagues the metro on a regular basis, it is perhaps inevitable that one will get hungry behind the wheel. Be it a sandwich or a pack of biscuits, it's enough for anyone driving to avoid the case of being 'hangry' (hungry + angry) and soothe the nerves as he or she spends many hours in a gridlock.

However, eating inside the car leaves a lot of crumbs and a big clean up should there be spillage. So here we made a list of snacks that are not recommended for consumption while in the car. After all, nobody wants a messy, smelly car.

5 kinds of snacks to avoid eating in the car

Ice Cream or Chocolates

It goes without saying that anything that gets sticky is a no no inside the car. While ice cream and chocolates are great for cooling you down, it's a big mess when it spills on the floor or interior panels, especially on a hot day. It also leaves hard to remove stains, which is bad news if you have a beige-colored interior. If you are diabetic and need a quick boost of sugar, a better, less messy alternative would be candies.

5 kinds of snacks to avoid eating in the car

Burgers, Fries and Chicken

These stomach-filling snacks sound just about right when you're hungry and stuck in traffic but there are consequences should you eat these in the car. The grease gets to your hands, crumbs get stuck to the seat crevasses and there's a huge risk of spillage from juicy burgers. Also, your car will smell like a fast food joint in no time. Instead of these greasy foods, a better substitute would be a well-packaged sandwich with no sauce.

5 kinds of snacks to avoid eating in the car

Mexican food

Be it Burritos or hard-shell tacos, the amount of ingredients in these meals are a recipe for disaster for your interior. You can be as careful as you can but there are bound to be bits of taco, ground meat, vegetables and rice that can drop out of your hearty meal. If these go unnoticed, these ingredients will simply decay on your floor and lead to a foul-smelling cabin. Not good

5 kinds of snacks to avoid eating in the car

Smelly food

It's not just crumbs you have to worry about when eating inside the car. You also have to be wary of the odors certain foods emit. With strong smelling sauces (and a particular penchant for garlics), Middle Eastern cusine can foul up the cabin quite quickly and seep into fabrics of the car. This becomes especially becomes evident when there is spillage. It is also perhaps a given that eating Durian in the car is a no no too.

5 kinds of snacks to avoid eating in the car

Biscuits or Chips

The forever go to snack of the hungry motorist. This may be two of the easiest snacks to grab and eat when you're running late, but its aftermath is not so pretty. Like most of the food mentioned here, the enemy here are the crumbs it leaves behind. It's especially tough to take out the crumbs as these get crushed to even finer pieces and getting stuck at the seams between the seats. To clean it out, you'll be needing a vacuum.


So there you have it, five snacks we wouldn't recommend eating while in the car, along with less messy alternatives. Of course, to avoid such situations, best to take a meal before setting off and, when travelling long distances, take a stopover. That way, you'll get to enjoy your meal without stressing about cleanup. Also, for your safety, if you are the one behind the wheel, do not eat and drive and always keep your eyes and hands on the wheel and not on your food and drinks. It might just be a bigger mess should the unexpected happen.