Intersect by Lexus is the product of highly-skilled individuals, all experts in their craft and all combining their talents to set up a unique shop/garage where fashion and lifestyle matches Lexus’ passion for automotive excellence. Intersect is located in the affluent Aoyama district, referred to by a local as Japan’s Greenbelt, where designer brands beckon with all levels of glitz and glamour, and after taking a break from the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, we paid this special place a visit.

Lexus LF-A at Intersect

The building’s design stands out even amongst the biggest brands in the world.  With a sort of wooden mosaic behind the outer glass creating a very enticing classy appearance outside, you’ll spot Intersect by Lexus a mile away.

Inside it casts a uniquely warm shadow in this 165 square meter ‘luxury brand experience space’ of everything top-notch and high quality.  The mood lighting sets a very relaxed and easy tone regardless of the buzz and excitement generated by the media gathered inside.

Lexus lifestyle

The café welcomed us with world-renowned coffee from Norwegian coffee bar, Fulgen and mouth-watering, freshly-baked pastries.

The garage, proudly displaying the LFA during the media tour, is big enough for just one car at a time and serves as a stage for new models of Lexus.  On the side, literally, Lexus hung a couple of Lexus road bikes that seemed to complete the garage display lineup.

At the reception/dining area on the ground floor, the cutlery and tableware from Syuro will make you feel like you’re dining in a Michelin-rated bistro but the automotive artwork all-around will constantly remind you that you’re in the one and only Intersect by Lexus. 

Even the music is given plenty of thought as it is personally supervised by one of Japan’s best DJs, recording artist Towa Tei while the aroma is under the care of aroma brand Yuica, aimed to always please even the most discerning of noses.

A staircase illuminated by a white wall of what seems like carved out replicas of Lexus automotive parts is a partnership between Lexus and young artisans reflecting  the company’s impeccable attention to detail.

It leads to an extremely elegant living room on the 2nd floor that Lexus refers to as the “at-home” lounge.  It features cuisine from Daichi Tajima but the menu may vary depending on the season.  It uses the minimal space it has and gives it quite the homey feel.  It looks highly extravagant but never over-the-top and pretentious.  Every item has been given plenty of thought, from the lampshade and chandelier down to the chair and waste bin.  Nothing feels out of place, including its guests.

Shelves of books on varying subjects line sections of the 2nd floor showcasing different cultural influencers and the wide array of subjects Lexus owners may be interested in.

The entire interior space was designed by Masamichi Katayama and his idea was to create space where Lexus owners can hang out and feel at home and he has achieved this feat without question.

If you’re itching to spend some more inside Intersect by Lexus, ‘Crafted by Lexus’ offers lifestyle items like shoes, bags, shawls, and even thumb drives; all designed in line with Lexus’ ideals of craftsmanship.  The one thing they actually aren’t selling is an actual Lexus vehicle.  It is just all about the lifestyle and the experience.

Intersect by Lexus, like any of their automobiles is a masterpiece.  It is a fusion of the best in design, fashion, art, music and engineering.  It mirrors the attention to detail you find in each of their vehicles.  Quality and craftsmanship are and always will be held in high regard and it is palpable inside and out.

The Lexus lifestyle center officially opened its doors in August this year. If you’re far away from Japan, don’t fret as there are plans to take this concept shop around the world very soon; with Dubai and New York next in line.