We all love a bargain. Especially in these tough economic times where the costs of living are getting higher and higher -with rising fuel costs, food prices and rent-, getting a bargain deal is no longer just for the sake of saving a few bucks, but a necessity as well.

Well, if you are one of those who wish to get a car that fits the budget and has great value for money, this is for you: the AutoIndustriya.com Top Small Cars on a Budget.

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Hyundai i10

Who can deny the little car from Hyundai? The brand brought out this car in 2008, and despite its size, the i10 definitely made great waves. With a combination of a peppy drive, fun looks and best in class features (iPod connect as standard), the i10 took to the market in a big way.

Car: Hyundai i10
Variants: 1.1 GLS M/T, 1.1 GLS A/T, 1.2 GLS M/T, 1.2 GLS A/T
Price Range: PhP 518,000 - PhP 578,000

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Chevrolet Spark

Having just been launched and tested by us, we have to say the new Spark is everything Chevrolet touts it to be: a fun, funky little city car that could... and does. A great look, a high tech interior (gauge pod, anyone?), a fun drive, and upscale equipment make the Spark a true standout in a class known for being at the bottom of the "budget" chain.

Car: Chevrolet Spark
Variants: 1.2 LT M/T
Price Range: PhP 598,000

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Hyundai Accent

Hyundai is on a bit of a roll, with one launch of a successful car after another. The Accent replaces the long standing diesel subcompact that wowed us with incredulous fuel efficiency with one that does the same in terms of looks, equipment and value.

Car: Hyundai Accent
Variants: 1.4 GL, 1.6 GLS
Price Range: PhP 588,000 - PhP 808,000

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Ford Fiesta

If there's one small car out there that is most definitely making a big impact, it has to be the Ford Fiesta. Ford's B-car came to us last year with a huge marketing fanfare, and has the attributes to back it up thanks to great packaging, a spirited experience behind the wheel, a very modern look, as well as features that are normally found in much more expensive cars like ESP and Bluetooth Voice Control

Car: Ford Fiesta
Variants: 1.4 Style 4D, 1.4 Trend 4D, 1.6 Trend 4D, 1.4 Trend 5D, 1.6 Trend 5D, 1.6 Sport 5D
Price Range: PhP 670,000 - PhP 816,000

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Honda Jazz

If you want the space and versatility of a small MPV with the budget for a compact hatch, the Jazz just might do the trick. The Honda Jazz is the biggest in the class in terms of size and space, and can swallow large cargo thanks to the ULT folding system. Honda has just refreshed the Jazz for 2011, giving it a much better look on the outside, as well as improved features for in-car entertainment.

Car: Honda Jazz
Variants: 1.3 S M/T, 1.3 S A/T, 1.5 V A/T
Price Range: PhP 757,000 - PhP 857,000


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