They were big. They were celebrated. They were different from each other, but served us all the same purpose: entertainment.

For every person who once had their personal favorite among the all girl group of the 90's, there was a reason why you liked Sporty Spice more than Ginger Spice, so for this Mother's Day, let's celebrate by revisitng 5 types of cars that personifies each of the Spice Girls (who I believe are all mothers now too).


Hyundai Santa Fe

Sporty Spice: 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe

This car has the capacity of a mini-van but the look of an SUV. Whether the kids are in the car or on a trip with friends, the list of safety features of this vehicle is incredible. With a total of 7 airbags including one for your knees, passengers can be assured that safety is one of this car's priorities.

Drool, melted chocolate and other types of stain-inducing liquids that most kids can be responsible for is easy with the stain resistant fabric (or leather) the Santa Fe has incorporated into its interiors. Trunk space is also maximized with seats that can be adjusted and folded flat to fit strollers, cribs or dive gears and other equipment any sporty mom would surely appreciate from a car.


Honda Accord

Posh Spice: 2014 Honda Accord

For the mom that does not like getting dirty and likes to remain classy yet still be able to deliver on her mommy duties, the Honda Accord offers both conveniences that the queen of the household will appreciate while still remaining sophisticated. This makes the Honda Accord a perfect car for the busy but family-oriented career woman.

With the Accord's spacious interiors, fuel efficiency feature, excellent handling and useful other functions like the intelligent Multiple Display Screen (iMID), the reverse camera for parking and keyless ignition, it surely is one of the best mom cars. Adding to this is the car's luxurious interior and exterior that allows any posh mom to arrive at a PTA meeting in style.


Ford EcoSport

Scary Spice: 2014 Ford EcoSport

No, it's not actually scary, but this mini sports utility vehicle comes highly energized and equipped with all the features for a mom on the go. Yes, it's scary for the competition both in its class (there really are none) and against compact and subcompact cars. A great feature when most mom hands are busy carrying a ton of baby items is the voice command system which Ford has co-developed with Microsoft, extending the term 'hands-free' to an even higher level.

For equally active kids, just like mommy, a universally mounted LCD (and voice recognition) comes in handy in calming down very energetic kids whose short attention span might mean long road trips can become a nightmare for mommy and daddy. Safety features like ABS or anti lock brakes and rear parking sensors ensure the high energy mom with the 'Scary Spice' persona is always driving safe and sound.


Toyota Corolla Altis

Ginger Spice: 2014 Toyota Corolla Altis

Just like the Spice girl who was pretty much in the middle of the stereotypec -classy but not as posh as Posh Spice, youthful but nothing like Baby Spice- the new Altis brings style and design but at a toned down level. For example, the lip spoilers and sideskirts give the car that 'sports car' feel, but the lines are not deep enough to give it that aerodynamic function to really make the car that much faster or overly sporty.

For the moms that do like convenience, its keyless function is definitely a plus when most moms must carry a ton of baby items when travelling with the kids. Grabbing the doorhandles allows the sensors to unlock the car door for you with the Toyota Corolla Altis.


Mitsubishi Mirage

Baby Spice: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Here's a pretty straighforward vehicle: the 2014 Mirage G4. It's not pretending to be fancy or sophisticated; instead it's a 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' sort of car. Don't expect power either as its 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder engine it goes as fast as any typical car for simply bringing the kids to school and running various errands at regular speeds. It's quiet enough when the road is nicely paved, but bring it to a more rough road environment and the car will literally voice out its complaints with the interior noise it will pick up from the trip.

But why is the Mirage G4a great mom car? It's fuel efficient, has the basic practical features and more (DVD, anyone?), it's very affordable for new moms and comes in a variety of spunky colors that younger moms might find great when choosing their first family car. Oh, and you can also get it in easier-to-park hatchback form.


Overall, these 5 vehicles are great choices for moms who want to steer clear of the expected mommy minivan. These 5 models are great for the sporty mom, the adventurous-but-high-strung mom, the uber-sophisticated-career mom, the practical-but-still stylish mom and even the young-and-new mom who still loves wearing pink and other bright colors.

So to the moms out there: are any of these models what you want, what you really, really want?