It is that time of the year again for the Halloween creeps and horror stories. Throughout the years, the limelight has made some vehicles into icons synonymous to scary and haunted . Here at, we came up with a short list of Hollywood cars that fits today’s theme.

1941 Chevrolet COE from Jeepers Creepers

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In 2001, the first Jeepers Creepers movie reached theaters to scare the youth and adults alike. Watching this movie during that time left some viewers with lingering thoughts of possible creatures attacking their vehicles when traveling on country roads at night.

A 1941 Chevrolet Cab Over Engine truck was the vehicle of choice in this particular horror movie. The rusty old truck was used to transport dead bodies killed by the creature known as the Creeper. It hunted on humans, and consumed their flesh to rejuvenate itself. It sought its victims through the fear they have inside.

The Creeper’s target in the first movie was the brother-sister tandem Trish and Darry. They encountered several attempts on their lives until the Creeper ensnared Darry. The movie ended with Darry getting killed and left as an eyeless corpse. The Creeper? He took off again in the truck.

1957 Plymouth Fury from Christine

John Carpenter is known for concocting his own brew of horror and science fiction films. In 1983, he decided to make a film adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel Christine.

The film incarnation of Christine is a red 1957 Plymouth Fury. The story revolved around a story of a vintage car that had been possessed by the supernatural. The movie started with a scene showing Christine’s aggressive and deadly tendencies when one worker got injured and another died as the car was parked along the assembly line.

But the movie developed over the relationship of Christine and the teen boy Arnie who decided to purchase her. Arnie restored Christine to the former condition while the car changing his persona in return. Later on, they were met with opposition by a gang of bullies. Christine’s tendencies were once again revealed as the car started to hunt the gang members. The series of events prompted Arnie’s friends to destroy the car for good. But there was a twist at the end of the movie. It was hinted that Christine would live through another day.

1971 Chevrolet Nova from Death Proof

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Quentin Tarantino can come up with the most unconventional movies, and yet maintain a following. For his slasher movie Death Proof, he chose a matte black 1971 Chevrolet Nova to be Kurt Russell’s weapon of choice. The stunt car had a built-in roll cage and other stunt equipment that made it ‘death-proof.’

Death Proof featured Russel as Mike, a psychopathic stunt driver who was fond of stalking young women before turning them into his victims. Using his charm and wit, he convinces women to ride with him in the Nova. After falling prey to Mike, he tortures the women through stunts he performs with the car. Eventually, the victims die from injuries incurred during the stuntman’s actions.

Towards the end of the movie, Mike himself died after enduring injuries from a car crash and a severe beating. This came as a revenge for all the hurt and sorrow Mike brought about to his victims.

2005 Ford Mustang GT from Death Race (2008)

Death Race is set in an alternate universe where the US economy collapsed in 2012. As a result, a privatized prison held the ‘death race’ where convicts battle their way to the finish line in heavily armed vehicles.  More than that, the convict drivers had to survive the track itself which was equipped with booby traps and other life-threatening hazards. The catch of the race: be the sole survivor and earn your freedom.

The heavily armored and weaponized 2005 Ford Mustang marked one of the first returns of the iconic pony back to the movies. It was the vehicle main character Jensen Ames (played by Jason Statham) had to drive by default following his wrongful arrest. He had to assume the Frankenstein persona left by a former inmate, and win the race to earn his freedom.

For those who have watched the movie before, Death Race depicts the thirst for blood and violence combined  with a heavy right foot. It’s more intimidating than scary but it’s a good recipe for adrenaline junkies this Halloween.

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder, James Dean’s Little Bastard

The Little Bastard is the 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder that James Dean purchased in exchange of his Porsche 356 towards the end of his short-lived life. The Rebel Without A Cause actor was known to be an avid automotive enthusiast and joined racing events. He even had the Little Bastard monicker painted on the 550’s trunk by pin striper Dean Jeffries.

His death came when he was driving the Little Bastard along Route 466 on September 30, 1955. It involved the speeding 550 driven by Dean and a 1950 Ford Tudor that hesitated to turn. Dean was unable to react ahead of time and collided with the latter. Dean suffered fatal injuries while his passenger and the driver of the other car survived.

This is the only car in the list that did not appear in any movie. However, this infamous car is believed to be cursed. Following James Dean’s death in that car, other unfortunate events followed involving people who came in contact with the car.