For some, cars are just a means to get from point A to B, but for others, it's more than that. It's a reliable, dependable partner that will not only take you places, but also help you make memories. Such is the case with Micah Sy. The 27-year old is the CEO of Dunamis Power Generators and Industrial Supplies Corporation, and the proud mother of Adella, her five-year-old daughter.

Her steed of choice? The Ford Everest, and it has become part of her balancing the CEO life and motherhood. She's even given it a name: Eva.

How the Ford Everest is helping a CEO mom juggle work and parenthood image

But why the Everest? For Micah, it boils down to four things: ride comfort, sound system, the look, and safety features. Being a mother, keeping her family safe is a top priority, and she feels that Adella is in good hands when they're traveling with the Everest.

So far, "Eva" has been a round-the-clock workhorse. As an entrepreneur, she has to drive all over town just to keep tabs on her businesses, hence the need for something comfortable for the long work hours. “We currently have three branches of our stores which I have to monitor on a daily basis, and on top of that, I have a lot of things going on - endless meetings and tons of paper work to finish. I always have a packed schedule and it can be exhausting. I'm glad that I have Eva, my Ford Everest,” says Micah.

How the Ford Everest is helping a CEO mom juggle work and parenthood image

Of course, it's not all about work for Micah. After all, being a hands-on mother is a full time job as well. Family comes first, says Micah, saying, “I would drop anything if it means that I need to be there for them even if I have a busy day ahead”.

Like Micah, Eva the Everest isn't all for work either. If it isn't busy being a workhorse, her Everest also doubles as a recreational vehicle. “We like to go on road trips and, while we're at it, we enjoy listening to good music and even sing together”.

How the Ford Everest is helping a CEO mom juggle work and parenthood image

But while the life of a hands-on CEO and mother sounds hectic, Micah wouldn't have it any other way. “The best part of motherhood is being there for all of your children's firsts. I also wouldn't trade my Adella's smiles, giggles, and warm hugs after a long day at work, for anything in the world”. And for all her milestones, in both career and motherhood, her Everest was by her side.

For expectant mothers, Micah has a few words to impart. “I'm quite sure you're going to enjoy this new adventure but don't feel too overwhelmed, though. I know managing the household alongside with your day-jobs isn't easy. But hey, don't worry, its all normal. Take your time to master the art of time management and after a while, I assure you, everything will be easy-peasy”.

So, for this mother's day, give your mom a big hug before you head out to work. Thank them for all the things that they have done and enjoy the time and company you spend with them. After all, they're willing to move heaven and earth just to care and provide for the family, and will do so without a moment's hesitation.