There are good cops and there are bad cops. But whatever the situation, it's always best if you know the law. Having a little more knowledge of traffic rules and penalties goes a long way when it comes to driving in the Philippines. For once in your driving life, you're sure to have been surprised by an apprehending traffic officer or policeman with a violation you haven't heard of. As they say, ignorance does not excuse you from long arm of the law. Knowing the violations and penalties just might save you time and money.

There are also some instances of wrong apprehensions, like the very popular 'driving without license' violation. Do not by all means allow the apprehending officer to get away with this, when you really have a license but did not bring it, this would only mean a Failure to carry driver's license when operating motor vehicle with a fine of 1,000 pesos compared to 3,000 pesos from Driving without a license. And also keep in mind that the receipt is not required once you have your license card.

Be reminded that when confronting the traffic officer to be calm and polite. Shouting or yelling at the traffic officer might get you in more trouble. You can always contest the violation with the Traffic Adjudication Service.

Also be reminded to bring along with you your spare tire, as this will also result in a violation with a fine of 5,000 pesos. Bring along your Early Warning Device or buy one if you don't have one yet. This will save you 5,000 pesos in case your car stalls or if you suddenly need a little roadside repair. It might make your car 'lighter', but you just might want to reconsider because of the consequences.

Don't forget that using your mobile phone, be it calling, answering a call, or texting is also a violation of the law unless you have a handsfree kit installed.

We hope knowing the fines and penalties will help you in your daily motoring as well as those unfortunate times where you get apprehended. Please Drive Safely.

The Department of Transportation and Communications has superceded all previous traffic rules and penalties. Please refer to the following links:

Private Vehicle or Driver Violations

Public Utility Vehicle or Driver Violations

Also do not forget, when in Makati, they have their own rules. The honorable Mayor of Makati thought it would be wise to make their own set of traffic violations and fines which is 'supposedly' based on the LTO regulations. Here's a link to their 2003 Traffic Code, this was updated in 2011, refer to this document for updates.