Enterprise is the life of a better economy. More businesses means more jobs and means a better economy in the long run.

Seeing the potential of a new market, Atoy Llave, the man behind A-Toy Bodykits, has begun a new business venture, this time to help new and growing businesses with his line of custom food trucks.

Custom made for each business client, each truck that leaves Atoy's shop is made to deliver the needs of every customer in the mobile food business. His numerous customers in the food truck business include Cheesesteak, Shawarma Brothers, and even includes custom trucks for TV shows such as Unang Hirit.

Shawarma Bros

Atoy got the inspiration from American-made food trucks, but the prices of such readily available, US-imported food trucks put it out of reach of many smaller companies and enterprising individuals. With his expertise in custom cars, Atoy simply took the business he already had -along with all the equipment, tools, and his people- in a new direction.

The process begins by Atoy taking a donor vehicle; any donor vehicle. It can be a tricycle (such as a Piaggio Ape), a pick-up, a van, bus or even a full size truck. Atoy Customs will then design a mock up on what the food truck would look like when completed, and tailoring the truck to meet the customer's needs and budget.

Each custom made food truck takes shape at A-Toy's shop along West Avenue in Quezon City. Once the donor vehicle is received, A-Toy Customs will then start to get to work on the body. The bodywork will include either fabricating a custom body or modifying the existing one with windows, panels, exhaust ports and others to suit the needs of the client.


With the body prepared, Atoy Customs will then work on the interior of the body, installing fixtures, sinks, countertops, cupboards, and other materials needed. Atoy Customs can go for the basic sheet metal kitchen look or even customize the interior with materials like wood, marble, granite and tiles, all depending on the customer's budget.

With the interior ready, A-Toy will then begin to install the equipment needed such as ranges and stovetops, refrigerators, coolers, microwaves, ovens, exhaust fans, grills and anything else the customer needs.

After the completion of the truck's internals, A-Toy Customs will then finish off the body with the decals or paint scheme the customer wants, ensuring maximum visibility and an instantly recognizable food truck.


Atoy Llave may have started out in the bodykit business, but seeing the need of other businesses for food trucks or specialized vehicles, Atoy has successfully ventured out into a great new market.Currently, A-Toy's shop is working overtime to deliver the trucks that businesses need, showcasing the high demand for his custom made trucks.

With his new Food Truck business, the leading brand and name in custom cars has shown he can do much more than just giving customers' cars more style... he can give your food business a mobile presence as well.