Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa: chasing the designer's dream

What were you doing when you were 15?

If you spare the wisecrack answers, most of us were struggling to get be with algebra, world history and chemistry. Such is not the case for this 15-year old self-taught automotive designer from Thailand.

The designs you see here is the work of Jennarong Muengtaweepongsa, a young man from Thailand that has come up with brilliant designs under the handle Vanatical Foxes. At just 15, he's already penned designs worthy of being put beside Pininfarina, Bertone and Guigaro.

3D modeling

“My interest in cars started when I was 6, when I found a book in my school's library about the McLaren F1, I pretty much owe my love of cars to that. I started sketching cars pretty much since then, but it really kicked off when I was 12, late December 2012 when I was interested in this 3D modeling program called Sketchup, I made my cars using "templates" made by other members of the 3D warehouse, a community where people share their sketchup models. Nowadays I've moved on to make my cars in a program called Blender and pursuing my dream in Automotive design,” said Muentaweepong to

3D modeling has opened many possibilities for aspiring designers. On his Google Plus account, he has churned out several concept ranging from hypercars to family sedans. He even penned a concept for a mobile phone.

Absinthe concept

One of his first 3D designs he shared was inspired by the Lamborghini Ferrucio concept. His homage to Automobili Lamborghini founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, the Absinthe concept goes one step further by taking the roof off the hypercar concept and he even goes as far as modeling the interior. Looking at his concept, one might mistake it for a thesis from a design college when in fact Jennarong was just 12 when he did this.

Sketchup Motor Show 2014

As you progress though his designs, you can start seeing his designs becoming smoother and crisper. You begin to see a design language slowly taking shape. Towards the end of 2013, it already looks like he’s established his own style. In his album for the Sketchup Motor Show 2014, he put out several concepts such as sporty coupes, family sedans, supercars and even pickup trucks. Eventually, he started making his concepts with the Zephyrus name.

Erebos II Concept

His first supercar under the Zephyrus name is the Erebos II. While subtle compared to his Absinthe concept, the Erebos II has a classic supercar shape with smooth flowing lines with subtle aerodynamic aids that are integrated into the body. Interestingly, the glass roof is reminiscent of the Le Mans racers of the early 90’s. Since then, he’s done wilder concepts.

Arche Concept

Jennarong’s latest design is called the Arche. This hypercar concept comes with a wraparound windshield and lines that were inspired by the McLaren F1 as he is a big fan of former McLaren designer Gordon Murray’s work. Another hypercar concept he has is the Helicon. With its extreme slats and wings, the Helicon is akin to an open-wheel racecar, albeit with fenders.

Aegaeon Concept

He goes even further by making his own product lineup. Called the Zephyrus Collection, he has designed a four door “coupe” called the Aegaeon, a coupe called the Helios and a roadster named the Hypnos. He has more products of his imagination on his Google Plus account.

Zephyrus Helicon Concept

The possibilities are endless with 3D modeling. Unrestricted by headlight height laws, NHTSA legislations and the like, Jennarong lets his imagination run wild. With his talent in 3D modeling, maybe one day we’ll be seeing his designs being driven around in the future.