Nissan marked its grand return to the glitzy Ginza district with its new brand experience center called Nissan Crossing, a two-floor space to showcase its vision of Intelligent Mobility. Nissan Crossing marked the return to the very place where the iconic Nissan Gallery showroom and corporate HQ used to stand from 1968 until 2009.

Nissan’s new experience center occupies the first two floors of the new Ginza Place right on Ginza’s 4-Chome Crossing. The location is Tokyo’s equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, hosting many of the world's most luxurious brands from high fashion to watches, and of course, Japan's most advanced technology companies.

Nissan Crossing

Nissan Crossing's 1st floor has three main features: the Cylinder, Center Stage and Theater, all of which give visitors a look at the latest concept cars such as the Gripz and Teatro for Dayz we saw during our visit. These concepts made their debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan Crossing

Perhaps the most interesting was the 'Cylinder' which pays homage to the very first Nissan Gallery located in the cylindrical San-Ai building across the street in 1963. The Center Stage provides a space for the highlight concept, while the Theater plays the latest videos of Nissan. To give an experience of reality and excitement, a production GT-R Nismo model was also on the showroom floor.

Note E-Power

Upon ascending to the second level, visitors are welcomed by an Interactive Wall where they can browse through the brand’s rich history and heritage. On our visit, the 'Spiral Stage' featured the new Note E-Power, a series hybrid subcompact car that Nissan is marketing.

Unlike many advanced hybrids, the Note E-Power does not need any expensive and specialized infrastructure such as EV charging stations, as it relies on its gasoline engine as a generator for the batteries and the electric motor.

Trans Energy

The Cylinder Top section featured the 'Trans-Energy' collaboration between the Nissan Leaf and artist Kohei Nawa. It explores the numerous possibilities of making zero emission mobility a part of daily life.


The Nissan Boutique offers unique merchandise as souvenir or relax yourself over a unique cup of coffee at Crossing Cafe featuring MACCHI-ART, the unique latte art machine allows you to have your favorite Nissan vehicle or even your portrait 'printed' on your latte.

Nissan Crossing isn't an automobile dealership, instead it is a brand experience center, a place where people can be introduced to the Nissan brand. Today's youth, particularly those who live in highly urbanized places like Tokyo, no longer look at the automobile as a means of personal transport given the costs, opting instead to take the train, ride a bicycle, or even just walk.

Nissan Crossing's presence in Ginza hopes to turn that notion around and present a future of intelligent mobility that has already arrived, bridging today's fast paced and stylish lifestyle with personal freedom through four-wheeled mobility.

Watch the video below to get a virtual tour of the new Nissan Crossing.