Let's face it, the Philippine automotive scene is and will always be dominated by Japanese brands. With relatively cheap spare parts, admirable build quality and a reputation to be bulletproof in under any circumstances, Japanese cars have won the hearts and minds of many Filipinos.

The Small Body and Big Body Corollas

The 2016 ToyoFest Philippines is one such event that showed how much Filipinos love and take care of their beloved Toyotas. Whether it's a classic machine or the latest model to come out of the factory floor, ToyoFest Philippines is one big gathering of automobiles and enthusiasts that share the passion of having a Toyota.

Modified Toyota Yaris

Even with the sweltering heat of 36 degrees Celsius, the Parade Grounds of the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) was quickly filled with all kinds of Toyota vehicles that span from the brand's early years, all the way to today's modern contemporaries. Early birds parked up at around 9 AM and set up tents to shield themselves from the sun.

The sunny weather proved to be a blessing in disguise as it allowed each car to gleam with shine, or show off their original paint scheme. Restomods, survivors, restored classics, tricked-out rides and everyday runarounds showed up and made a bold statment.

The Corolla Levin KE20

Such rare classics that appeared at the 2016 ToyoFest include the likes of the Sports 800, Corolla Levin and wagon versions of the Corolla E90 and E100. Meanwhile, representing today's Toyotas came from the likes of the 86, FJ Cruisers, Corolla E170s, Yaris XP150s and ScionbBs as such.

The outlandish Toyota Hilux 6x6

Standing out from the rest during the 2016 ToyoFest Philippines is the 6x6 Hilux.

The Toyota Corolla E170s

But even with the wide array of different Toyotas, the undying love of the Filipino to both the Corolla and Vios were very apparent. It was safe to say that the two nameplates were the most dominant force in the 2016 ToyoFest Philippines.

Scion bBs

Toyota car clubs that made their presence felt at this year's ToyoFest Pampanga included: bB Club Pampanga, Two Point Zero, Revo Club, Avanza Club, Vios Auto Club Pampanga, Lite Ace Club, Aerolla Pampanga and Yaris Pilipinas as such.