Having trouble as to who will bring you to the airport for your flight? Hard time catching a cab? Or do you worry about your car being left in an unsafe parking space? Perhaps once in your life, you'd want to be able to bring your car when you're flying for a change. But the problem is you can't bring it with you when you fly nor can you leave at the airport and expect it to still be intact after you return.

The Limcacos have been in the service station business since 1967, started by Mr. Conrad Limcaco, with a very strategic location right at the very heart of Pasay City's airport hub at the corner of MIA road and Domestic Airport road. The service station officially became a Caltex Service Station in 1983 and was called MIA Caltex.

In 2002, a new concept was added to the MIA Caltex service station, the Park and Fly, the first in the country for flying motorists who have had problems where to safely leave their vehicles when they fly. Customers could also have their vehicles serviced at the Xpress Lube service center while they are away. The facility also houses a Star Mart convenience store, and a coffee shop.

On a recent trip to Cebu, I decided to give Park N' Fly a try because of the very early flight time of 5am. I also found out that they have other services which you can avail when you have your car parked there. You can have your car serviced at the Xpress Lube facility, have it washed, or even have your car exterior detailed. Which would be very useful for busy motorists who don't have time to bring their car to the service shop.

As you enter the check-in office, you are greeted by the courteous staff of Park N' Fly who will assist you through the entire process, while a valet will pick-up your car and bring it up to the secured parking building which can accomodate as much as 250 vehicles. The check-in office also serves as their lounge where you can relax or have a cup of coffee while you wait for the shuttle which will take you to the airport.

Upon your arrival, a simple phone call to the Park N' Fly hotline is all you need to get a ride back to your car. Within minutes the shuttle will arrive and bring you back to the Park N' Fly facility where you pay a reasonable amount which starts at Php240 (approx. $4.29) for 24 hours, and Php10 per additional hour of parking.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience and the fee is very reasonable. It is also a wise option for the travelling motorist. With this, the need to bog someone in your household to drive you to and from the airport in the wee hours of the morning or late at night could be eliminated, and the risks and hassles of travelling via public transport be minimized.