So you finally have your new car, as well as your new plate. You're ready to hit the open road but then you suddenly remembered, “how and when can I renew my car's registration?”.

Wonder no more as the Land Transportation Office (LTO) recently released a guide for motorists on when to renew their vehicle's registration. Vehicles that now come with four digit plates need only to look at the last two numbers. But what about vehicles that still have the three numerical numbers on their license plates? Not to worry as those also follow the exact same guide as those that have four numerical digits on their plates.


The last number on the plate represents the exact month on when you're allowed to have your car renewed. License plates ending in 1 and 2 mean they must renew in the months of January and February respectively. 3 and 4, meanwhile can have theirs renewed in March and April accordingly. Plates that end in 5,6, and 7 can to have their registration renewed on May, June, and July accordingly. Finally, cars with license plates that end in 8, 9, and 0 can renew during the months of August, September and October respectively.

The first number signifies the exact week you can actually have your vehicle renewed in a month. Numbers 1,2,3 fall under the first week while 4,5,6 fall under the second week. Meanwhile, numbers 7,8 and 9,0 means that you can only have the vehicle renewed on the third and fourth week respectively.

Aside from following the exact week and month that you're supposed to have your vehicle's registration renewed, the LTO reminded motorists that they need to have the following requirements:

  • photocopy of CR and latest OR of payment of MVUC

  • appropriate insurance – certificate of cover (COC)

  • certificate of emission compliance (CEC)

  • valid LTFRB electronic confirmation (if for-hire MV)

  • motor vehicle inspection report (MVIR) with stencils of engine and chassis numbers

Failing to have your vehicle registered will result in a hefty Php 10,000 fine, excluding other fees that might be included during renewal.