Years ago, the idea of a car storage facility was something unheard of in the Philippine automotive business. That was until multi-awarded vehicle restorer and enthusiast Alex Isip opened the first car storage facility in the country. What became Alex Car Storage is a sprawling 1,000 square-meter facility that can accommodate up to 40 vehicles at the heart of Quezon City.

What is a car storage facility?

Common in the US, UK and Canada, car storage facilities are warehousing establishments specially equipped and secured to store vehicles. Most facilities come with maintenance service programs for long-term storage terms.

Who needs them?

People who don't have enough covered parking space in their garage for a prized car they rarely use opt to store their vehicles in these facilities. Aside from keeping the car secure, the storage facility's skilled manpower has the expertise to maintain any vehicle in tip-top shape. If you're traveling for an extended period of time and would want to make sure your car is taken care of, then a storage facility fits right into the bill.

Alex Car Storage makes a clear promise to its customers: "At Alex Storage, your vehicles will be stored and cared for by our highly-trained and seasoned technicians and maintenance staff. We practice nothing but the highest standards in car care and restoration," says Mr. Alex Isip.

Security and peace of mind

Alex Car Storage is equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras, which allows the client to view the garage anytime, anywhere. The double-gated, security alarm-equipped and well-insulated facility protects the vehicles from thieves, vandals and the harsh elements of the environment. The facility is covered by a general liability policy and a Garage Keepers policy considered as "secondary" insurance. Unlike a common house garage, Alex Car Storage keeps vehicles safe from scratches caused by humans, pets and objects.

"We make sure that all cars kept in the storage facility are kept in show quality and running condition, so that owners can just come and pick up their cars and use it at their own convenience," adds Isip.

The absence of inconvenience

Isip shared that as part of their service, cars will be cleaned upon return to the storage facility after every use. This eliminates the burden of having to prepare and clean the car each time the customer wants to use it.

Far from being a boring warehouse though, Alex Car Storage has a cozy lounge that houses a mini library, entertainment system and wireless Internet for clients. Isip proudly says that his establishment also helps clients sell their cars to enthusiasts and collectors, which is a fairly big market in the country. In many cases, the value of clients' cars has even increased when prospective buyers see the kind of environment and care their coveted car is housed in.

For inquiries, you can call Alex Restoration at (02)4134863 or email [email protected] or visit their website