AutoMax Carshow and Sole Slam Manila decided to gather Manila's petrolheads and sneaker enthusiasts under one roof last weekend at One Esplanade, Pasay. Dubbed 'When Two Worlds Collide', the event attracted a number of people who shared an interest in both cars and sneakers.

Show goers and participants proudly displayed their cars, precious sneakers or both for the public to appreciate. Just like cars, the sneakers' design, lineage, and exclusivity dictates its price, some even reaching prices enough for a down payment on a brand new car.

Car enthusiasts were treated by over 250 vehicles lined up along the stretch of the bay area. A diverse selection of vehicles was displayed for the weekend  that ranges from tuners, sports car, limousines, and a couple of vintage cars. Some were sporting JDM, KDM, EUDM, and USDM setups, while others were defied the norms and decided to dress up and present their cars according to their own preferences.

With show venues like these, where noise pollution and sound levels isn't as much of a concern, sound-offs were happening here and there. One Chevrolet Trailblazer SUV even had an on-board karaoke machine, while a pink Toyota Yaris got its front grille replaced by a huge LCD panel.

While enthusiasts enjoyed the car displays on the bay area, Sneaker heads got their treat inside the Esplanade halls which served as the venue for the sneaker convention. The convention held several contests as well as an exhibition area for the rarest and most expensive pair of sneakers locally. It also served as an avenue for like-minded individuals to buy, sell, or trade their sneakers.

Aside from the cars and kicks, people were also treated to the performances of the show's special guests like Import Tuner models Genevieve Chanelle, and Jeri Lee, International DJ Jack the Ripper, DJ Arra Pascual, that performed alongside the pole dancers and anti-gravity performers that sent the crowd wanting for more.