Just how different is the 2022 Toyota Avanza compared to the outgoing model?

By now, you've probably already seen the all-new Toyota Avanza. Featuring a new design language, the MPV looks sleeker compared to the current generation we currently have. It also has a lot more standard features, including Toyota Safety Sense.

Unlike the previous-generation model, it no longer uses a body-on-frame, rear-wheel-drive platform. Instead, the 2022 Avanza now sits on a front-wheel-drive unibody design called the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA).

While it has yet to make its way to the country, we decided to do a spec check on the third-generation model to see just how different it is from the outgoing model. Is it larger and more spacious than the second-generation MPV? And just how many more features does the new one have over the current one?

Let's find out.

Bigger in Size

If there's one thing we immediately noticed about the all-new Avanza, (besides having a new look) is its size. Thanks to the DNGA platform, the MPV is now larger. It measures 4395mm long, 1730mm wide, and 1700mm tall (the base model stands at 1665mm tall).

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2022 Toyota Avanza dimensions

Side by side with the outgoing model which measures 4190mm long, 1660mm wide, and 1695mm tall, the next-generation MPV is 205mm longer, 70mm wider, and 5mm taller (35mm taller for the base model). Even the wheelbase has been stretched from 2655mm to 2750mm.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2020 Toyota Avanza dimensions

Thanks to the new Daihatsu-derived platform, Toyota was able to free up more space inside the MPV. With the longer wheelbase, there will also be improved third-row passenger and cargo space.

More standard amenities and features

Another thing worth mentioning about the all-new Avanza is the level of equipment available. While the current Avanza already comes with amenities like a leather-wrapped steering wheel, touchscreen audio with T-Link/Bluetooth connectivity, keyless entry, and digital air-conditioning, the next-generation model kicks it up a notch.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2020 Toyota Avanza interior

For starters, it now comes with a bigger 9-inch (or 7-inch on lesser variants) touchscreen infotainment system with updated graphics and updated functions. There's also a new 4.2-inch multi-info display on the instrument panel, an engine start/stop button, and USB charging ports for the rear passengers.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2022 Toyota Avanza interior

Drivers will be happy to know that it also has a tilt/telescopic adjustable steering column. It's a huge improvement over the current MPV that only comes with tilt-adjust. Along with the adjustable seat height, drivers will be able to find a more comfortable driving position in the 2022 Avanza.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

Long Sofa Mode in the 2022 Toyota Avanza

Last but not least, the next-generation MPV has a new feature called 'Long Sofa Mode'. This seating layout allows the first-row seats to fold back to meet with the second-row seats that fold forward, creating a sofa-like footrest for the third-row seats.

Same same, but different

The new Avanza may have shifted to a front-wheel-drive layout, but it's still powered by engines from the outgoing model. With that, it's available with either a 1.3-liter or a 1.5-liter Dual-VVT-i inline-four engine. The former produces 98 PS with 121 Nm of torque while the latter comes with 106 PS and 137 Nm of torque.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2020 Toyota Avanza with four-speed A/T

But since it's now a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the four-speed automatic has been replaced with a more efficient continuously variable transmission (CVT). In addition, the CVT also comes with manual sequential shifting. For those that still prefer to row their own, the five-speed manual gearbox has been carried over from the previous generation.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

2022 Toyota Avanza with new CVT with sequential shift

With the four-speed now gone, we're curious just how fuel-efficient the all-new Avanza will be once it makes its way to the country. More importantly, we also cannot wait to experience how it drives as a front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Toyota even mentioned that the 2022 Avanza now has a new 'Comfortable Suspension' across all variants. With the live rear axle replaced with torsion beams, we definitely want to test out its ride quality once it gets here.

A better and safer MPV

While we were already impressed by the Avanza's sleek new looks, upgraded features, and improved cabin space, Toyota went far and beyond when it came to the MPV's safety features. Aside from having anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, high-grade variants of the 2022 Avanza come with 6 airbags, hill-start assist, brake assist, and vehicle stability control as standard.

Compared to the outgoing current Avanza on sale, it only comes with dual airbags and anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution. Hopefully, Toyota doesn't remove some of the important safety features of the 2022 model once it arrives here.

Spec Check: 2020 vs 2022 Toyota Avanza image

What really surprised us is that for the first time, the 7-seater is now available with Toyota Safety Sense. Already available in nameplates like the Fortuner, Corolla Altis, Alphard, and Hiace Super Grandia, this gives the Avanza features such as a pre-collision system, front departure alert, pedal misapplication control, lane departure assist, rear-cross traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring.


The first two generations of the Avanza may have been pegged as the smaller, rugged sibling of the Innova. But with this third-generation model, Toyota wanted to make it more passenger-friendly and high-tech compared to its predecessors and even its competitors.

With Indonesia the first market to get the latest Avanza, we're hoping Toyota Motor Philippines will be able to bring the all-new MPV to our shores early next year.