We pit MG's new top-of-the-line ZS T against the Geely Coolray

If there's one segment in the local market that's becoming increasingly competitive, it's the B-segment crossover. It is populated by feature-packed crossovers that also offer good value for money like the Kia Seltos, Hyundai Kona, Toyota Corolla Cross, Ford Territory, and the Geely Coolray.

As more and more automakers join the fray, MG Philippines decided now was the right time to launch its new top-of-the-line ZS. Called the ZS T, it serves as the most powerful and most equipped model in the ZS lineup. It features a sporty new look, a more high-tech cabin, and a turbocharged engine under the hood.

But wait a moment, doesn't the Geely Coolray have similar levels of features and performance? With the ZS T aiming against the likes of the Coolray, we decided to do a spec check between the two crossovers.

For this particular comparison, we will be pitting the ZS T against the top-spec Coolray Sport.

Sizing them up

Both the ZS T and Coolray come with stylish exteriors. But which of the two crossovers is bigger?

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

The ZS T's exterior dimensions measure 4323mm long, 1809mm wide, and 1653mm tall. It also has a 2585mm wheelbase, plus 173mm of ground clearance. Not bad, but the Geely Coolray is slightly longer than MG's new top-of-the-line ZS T.

With the Coolray measuring 4330mm long, the Geely is longer by 7mm. However, its width and height come in at only 1795mm and 1609mm, respectively. This makes the ZS T 14mm wider and 44mm taller than the Coolray. The Coolray does bounce back with its 2600mm wheelbase and 196mm of ground clearance.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

The Coolray may be the longer vehicle in this comparo, but the ZS T's width and height mean passengers might be a bit more comfortable inside. When it comes to ground clearance, however, the Geely offers more peace of mind should the going get tough.

High-tech gadgetry

The MG ZS T serves as the new flagship model of the ZS lineup. With that, it's no surprise the crossover is packed to the brim with a number of high-tech features.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

Some of the features on the ZS T include a panoramic sunroof, a 360-degree camera system, 10-inch touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, power-adjustable driver's seat, leather upholstery with contrast stitching, cruise control, automatic climate control with rear A/C vents, push start button, and a host of USB charging ports for the front and rear passengers.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

As for the Coolray, it offers similar levels of equipment as the ZS T. Perhaps the only features the Coolray lack are Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity on its 10.25-inch touchscreen media display.

All in all, the two crossovers are evenly matched when it comes to features and amenities Hopefully, Geely introduces a software update for its infotainment system to make it more appealing to buyers that wish for added mobile connectivity.

Turbo Power

We both know that the Coolray and ZS T come with compact turbocharged engines. But which of the two makes more power and torque?

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

Let's start with the ZS T; it comes with a 1.3-liter three-cylinder turbo that produces 163 PS along with 230 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift. Impressive figures from the ZS T, but the Coolray does make more power.

Under the hood of the Coolray is a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged engine. Despite having one less cylinder, the Coolray outputs 177 PS and 255 Nm of torque. Instead of a traditional automatic, the Coolray is equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It also comes with sequential manual shifting.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

So the Coolray's 1.5-liter trounces the ZS T's 1.3-liter in both horsepower and torque. However, the Coolray has a heavier curb weight of 1440 kg, while the ZS T is lighter at 1318 kg.

Safety is key

Customers that value vehicle safety will not be disappointed in both the Coolray and ZS T.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

Both crossovers are equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), brake assist, electronic stability control (ESC), traction control (TC), hill-start assist (HSA) or hill-hold control (HHC), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), and six airbags (front, side, and curtain). The ZS T benefits from rear parking sensors, but the Coolray Sport gets both front and rear parking sensors.

Spec Check: 2022 MG ZS T vs Geely Coolray image

As an extra layer of protection, the ZS T comes with intelligent safety features like a blind-spot warning (BSW), lane-change assist (LSA), and rear-cross traffic alert (RCTA). The Coolray Sport, meanwhile, only comes with BSW and RCTA via the 360-degree camera system.

At what cost?

So both the ZS T and the Coolray Sport come with plenty of amenities, and safety features, as well as turbocharged powertrains. The ZS T is wider and taller, but the Coolray Sport is longer and has better ground clearance. What about the price?

The newly-launched MG ZS T has a sticker price of PHP 1,158,888, while the Geely Coolray Sport is listed at PHP 1,198,000. This makes MG's turbocharged fighter cheaper by PHP 39,112 over the Geely. With the ZS T packing slightly more features at a more affordable price tag, it seems MG's newest model has more value for money.


The Geely Coolray may be one of the most popular B-segment crossovers in the country for several years, but other brands like MG are starting to catch up. Will the Coolray be able to keep them at bay? Or will models like the MG ZS T end up becoming more popular than Geely's hot-selling crossover?