Whether you're into basketball or not, the mere mention of the name Michael Jordan needs no introduction.

While the exploits of His Airness on the court are legendary as shown on the ESPN Netflix docuseries The Last Dance, another thing was made clear: Jordan knows cars. With millions in the bank, you'd expect him to have owned some of history's most interesting cars ever made, and we're correct in that assessment.

So here are the ones we saw on the show, and some that we know he had but didn't get any screen time. 

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Jordan loves 'Vettes...

If you're a few episodes in The Last Dance, you might have noticed Jordan's affinity for America's great sports car. His first one was a fairly standard-looking C4. We can't make out what exact model it is, but a Corvette is a Corvette, nonetheless. Of course, with his net worth, it might have been an easy purchase for him.

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He then upgraded that C4 Corvette for, well, another one. This time around, it's no ordinary 'Vette. Jordan has owned one of the rarest ones ever made: the C4 ZR-1 40th Anniversary Edition.

Just how rare is it? There's less than 300 of them, 225 to be exact, and he had one. Also, we think this car has confirmed the fact that Jordan can drive stick. How do we know that? That's because real and original ZR-1s only came with an honest to goodness six-speed manual.

Towards the late '90s, Jordan then got himself a C5 Corvette. Given how much he loved the previous generation, perhaps it came as no surprise that he got another one. By the looks of it, it seems that the one he got was a more “run of the mill” model, but that doesn't make him any less cool. Of course, we hope he got it with a manual rather than an automatic. By this time, the NBA superstar had owned at least three Corvettes, but there's more to his collection than just these Chevrolets.

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...and Range Rovers too

We've pretty much covered most of his Corvettes, but we couldn't help but notice his preference for a certain British SUV. To say he likes Range Rovers might be an understatement, as he's reportedly owned just about every generation of them. We think he became a fan of it when he bought his first one, which might have been a County LWB edition. Before you ask, yes, that was the most expensive Range Rover you could buy at the time.

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That was then followed up by the 4.6 HSE, which succeeded what we now call the Classic body. While we can't confirm if he owned the third-generation model, but it is said that he has the current one. It seems that, like the Corvette, the Range Rover is a default choice for the legend, even if there are more opulent SUVs these days. If that's true, we could say Jordan buys Range Rovers like Pinoys buy Fortuners.

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Three-pointed star

Find us a celebrity that didn't own a Mercedes-Benz at some point in their lives. Michael Jordan was no exception.

He's had a pretty long list of three-pointed stars over the years, and it reportedly started with an R129 380 SL. Another Mercedes-Benz he's known to have owned is a W140 600 SEL, as seen in The Last Dance.

But perhaps the most epic Mercedes-Benz he's ever owned was the SLR McLaren. This being Jordan, it isn't “standard” one either. What he got was the even rarer 722 Edition, of which only 150 were made.

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A stable of Prancing Horses and Astons 

If you're making millions of dollars a year, you can practically waltz into any Ferrari dealership, point at what you fancy, and drive off with it. Maybe that's what MJ did, or still does, when he buys any car from the prancing horse stable.

We're not surprised that Jordan has owned several Ferraris over the years. This is a man who's owned a Testarossa, and a 512 TR with a vanity plate that says M-AIR-J, no less. Aside from the aforementioned Corvettes, these two Ferraris are further proof that he knows how to drive a manual. We'd love to see footage of him rowing through the gears of these Italian exotics, and what a sight that would be.

But we're not done with his Ferraris just yet. He's also had a 550 Maranello, and a 599 GTB Fiorano. If you've noticed, he likes his Ferraris a bit on the larger side. At 6'6”, he may have had a challenging time in a mid-engined Ferrari like the F355, 360 Modena, or 430 Scuderia.

Aside from Ferrari, Jordan seems to be a big fan of Aston Martin too. It also looks like he prefers his Astons topless, for the most part at least. He had a DB7 Volante, which was then upgraded to a DB9 Volante. The six-time Finals MVP also owned a Vanquish which came with a custom paint job and he even signed it. Like his Ferraris, the Aston Martins he has owned all packed 12-cylinders.

Last Dance gives us a glimpse of Michael Jordan

Flat-nosed unicorn

If you've noticed, just about every car Jordan has owned has either a V8 or V12. While it sounds like having a massive engine sounds like a pre-requisite for him, he does like his flat-six Porsches too. One of the cars he owned in the '90s was a 993 911 Turbo S, which came with a neat vanity plate that just said “AIR”.

But his other Porsche was a true unicorn. When the Chicago Bulls won their third championship in 1993, Jordan drove off in a rather unusual-looking 911: it didn't have the round headlights as Porsches typically have.

Yes, it was a rare Type 930 Turbo Slantnose, and only 160 of them made it to the US.

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There's no doubt that Michael Jordan has built up an impressive collection over the years. From some of the rarest cars in the world to some of the best, Jordan's taste in cars is really interesting. For us, what sets him apart from other celebrity car enthusiasts is that he didn't take the usual "blinged-out" route. If ever he had a car customized, it was done tastefully, and we give him mad props for that. 

Most valuable wheels: The rides of Michael Jordan image

So now, we leave you with this question: Out of all the cars Jordan has owned, which one would you pick?

That 930 Slantnose sure looks interesting by our eye, but there's really something nice about the Turbo S with AIR on the plate.