The Metropolis Manila Development-Authoritea (MMDA) has just put forth a new radical policy to solve traffic once and for all.

Called Super Coding, the new scheme aims to solve the problems of the capital by implementing a series of different and wide-ranging bans on motor vehicles. And it will not be based on vehicle plates like the current coding implemented that bars vehicles with last digits 1-2 on Monday, 3-4 on Tuesday, 5-6 on Wednesday, 7-8 on Thursday, and 9-0 on Friday.

“We at the MMDA believe that the current coding scheme based on the ending plate of a vehicle is ineffective, and we were not getting the results we so wanted,” said Pia Viajero, spokesperson for the MMDA. "And we wanted to simplify it because, you know, there is nothing 'unified' about the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program."

Below are the proposed vehicular bans under the new Super Coding scheme: 

Monday Blues: All private motor vehicles banned, only bicycles and electric vehicles permitted 

Black Tuesday: Vehicles driven by people with unnatural hair colors banned, including all blondes 

Women's Wednesday: Like Ladies' Night, only lady drivers will be allowed

Throwback Thursday: Pre-2000 vehicles will not be allowed

No Yellow Friday: Vehicles painted yellow or vehicles with yellow public plates banned

Shotgun Saturday: Vehicles without passengers riding shotgun banned 

Anything Can Happen Sunday: Bans will be randomly determined ala 'Wheel of Fortune' by the PCSO every Saturday night

“As you can see, we wanted to have a bit of fun with coding because, like they say, laughter is the best medicine,” concluded Pia Viajero of the Metropolis Manila Development Authoritea.

What do you think of the new Super Coding scheme? Do you think it will work? Or is it all just a joke?