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The Inside Man has a few suggestions for the new MMDA chief, and it's not just about coding

August 01, 2017 10:34   Tito F. Hermoso
What every (new) MMDA chairman should know image

Even with today's latest ETC technology, E-PASS still peforms better reckons the Inside Man

July 03, 2017 18:18   Tito F. Hermoso
Long live the E-Pass image

The the vehicle excise tax looming, The Inside Man voices his opposition, and his proposals, to HB 4774

June 19, 2017 13:12   Tito F. Hermoso
The Senate: The last stand vs. high auto excise taxes image

Playing catch up to a 40 year back log in infrastructure with a projected 8.0 trillion budget, the current administration needs to surmount delays caused by legal hurdles.

May 08, 2017 18:35   Tito F. Hermoso
The growing pains of infrastructure overhaul image

Make American car manufacturing great again? The Inside Man talks about the auto industry in Trump's America

April 10, 2017 06:20   Tito F. Hermoso
Trump and the future of the US auto industry image

Following the previous installment, the Inside Man believes the LTO's driver exam function should be done by the private sector.

April 04, 2017 16:37   Tito F. Hermoso
Should the LTO outsource the driver's exam? image

The Inside Man dissects two types of drivers that cause all sorts of trouble for all of us

March 20, 2017 11:47   Tito F. Hermoso
The righteous drivers vs. stupid drivers image

With 2 new tollways already on stream, The Inside Man plots the changing traffic patterns in our Metro today

March 06, 2017 10:08   Tito F. Hermoso
Metro driving: The past, present and future image

Is taxation the solution to kick-start our lagging infrastructure? The Inside Man weighs in.

February 13, 2017 18:26   Tito F. Hermoso
Taxing for Infra: The dream versus the reality image

Death by taxes: double jeopardy

January 27, 2017 15:21   Tito F. Hermoso
HB 4774 : How to tax the auto industry to death image