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Skyway Stage 3 Opens in June?


Will 'build, build, build' deliver its first major project?

Motorists might be able to breathe a sigh of relief soon. With any luck, a portion of Skyway Stage 3 Section 01 will open just before the new school year opens by June.

But before one starts wooting for joy, all have to consider the following:

Now, what all the above indicates is that even if Sec. Villar is able to inaugurate Skyway Stage 3 Section 01 in June, north bound traffic from Skyway Stage 1 beyond the Makati CBD exit has nowhere to go or to be precise, no other way to return to the at-grade section of Osmena Highway, much less Quirino Ave. By the same token, at-grade traffic on Osmena Highway south bound has no way to gain access to the elevated Stage 3 except the old way, south of Buendia. So until the aforelisted on-ramps and the off-ramps at Nagtahan and the much delayed Section 02 are finished, opening Stage 3 in June may well end up as a well-paved, well-lit 3.8kms of elevated expressway with zero traffic use at all. Any use of Section 01 will have to wait for off ramps and on ramps at Plaza Dilao.

But it need not be so. A portion of the finished Section 01 can still be used to alleviate traffic at Osmena Highway, Buendia and several streets parallel and intersecting Buendia. Our proposal:

Our traffic relieving proposals COMING up SOON : Changing traffic patterns on both SLEx service roads, C-5, Merville, Quirino Highway and CAVITEx when the C-5-CAVITEx link is inaugurated later this year and by 1st quarter 2019, changing traffic patterns at Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road when the first 7.0kms of CALAx from SLEx Mamplasan opens straight into the heart of West Grove and Nuvali townships.

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