Endurance kart races are not totally new, I myself am no stranger to endurance kart races myself, having participated in several 6-hour endurance events and two 24-hour events. However, City Kart Racing (CKR) can be considered an innovator as they never fail to make events unique and memorable.

For this recent event they held at the Park Square race facility, the format was called, "Clock and Counter", meaning half of the race would be run in a normal clockwise orientation while the second half would be on a counter-clockwise orientation of the track or simply in reverse. A total of ten teams participated in the very first event of its kind in the Philippines making it one for the record books. The teams were composed of kart enthusiasts, some professional drivers, selected members of the media including myself, and CKR owner Jeff Freihuber also join in the fun with teammate Gaby Dela Merced who participated as a non competing entry. I was teamed up with Angela Andolong daughter of Business Mirror Motoring Editor Popong Andolong who was our team manager forming the Media Team which we called Team Media Mileage.

The race started late in the night with the competitors starting grid style with specific times given for their pit stops for driver changes making team strategy more critical. If a driver change was not made within this period, a time penalty would be given to the team.

It was a really long 30-minute stint for me being the first driver to run. I have not been in a kart for at least two years, moreso an endurance race. It was fun to recall the endurance races past while running as you need to get your mind on something else lest you get fatigued easily. I managed to make some decent laps logging in mid-49 second times, I was fortunate that my teammate was fast as she clocked 48-second laptimes for the first half. In the second half, where the track was run in reverse, laptimes started going down as the karts had better grip and the track was actually faster. I managed to clock a couple of 48-second laps while my teammate Angela managed to clock in some 47-second times to accompany her mostly 48-second laptimes. We were most fortunate that we didn't have any mechanical issues or tire issues with our karts unlike some other teams.

With 144 laps completed after two hours of exciting kart racing, it was the Speed Monsters emerging overall champion. They were followed by Gab 'N Paf, Bandito, Ouch & Byto, Food, Nobac, Media Mileage, The Archers, Globetek Pro and Top Gear in last place. In the Rookie Class it was Food, The Archers and Globetek Pro. Our Media Mileage team finished 7th overall and took the win in the Media Class. Robert Vea took home the fastest laptime award with a 47.333-second time.

City Kart Racing is located at Level 5 of Park Square 1 Carpark building, Ayala Center, Makati City. For more information you can find them on Facebook. Just search for Karting Maniac.