Last April 12, the first ever MFest Philippines was held at Clark International Speedway in Pampanga, attracting well over 60 cars for a day of motorsport. It was a full day event that surely satisfied the urge of motorsports and automotive enthusiast by featuring a number of racing events and car displays.

As an overview, MFest is a global motorsport movement empowered by enthusiasm and passion. It has a following of more than a million automotive enthusiasts all over North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. MFest Philippines held several events such as drag racing, drifting, time attacks runs, among others, gathering souped up machines all in one place. 

Autoperfromance Ph display

The drag racing event featured cars equipped with powerful engines attacking the quarter mile. The drifting event showcased vehicles burning rubber as they negotiated the turns in style. The participants of the time attack event gave their all to be the fastest over the course. Racers of various ages took part at MFest Philippines including fifteen year-old Ivan Diaz who drove a Honda Civic SiR.

Aside from the racing events, MFest Philippines also had car displays that showcased stylish vintage and modern cars. The “Best in Show” award was given to “Victoria,” a Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) customized Porsche Carrera 2.

Mfest at Clark International Speedway

Participants and spectators alike were given a high octane day at the Clark Speedway with MFest Philippines. Organizers say that they are brewing another Mfest event sometime November 2014.