Thinking of a premium hatchback but also need German-build quality? The Audi A1 is up for the challenge. Bearing Audi's distinct design language, minimalistic interior and array of turbocharged engines, the A1 is quite the package. The A1 combines the benefits of Audi's high-quality sedans and instills it into the A-segment.

Sure there are mid-priced hatchback choices out there such as the Fiesta, or Swift — you could seriously buy two of those for the price of this — but you've made it a bit further through life and want to buy yourself something "more premium". In our market of limited choices, you would have been confined to the "cute" and "iconic" Mini Cooper, which also commands a rather premium pricetag. 

We drove the Audi A1 Hatchback, and now PGA Cars brings in the updated version. We take it for a spin and see how it lives up to the challenge.

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