Need something bigger than the Grand Starex? Hyundai is now offering a larger van in the form of the all-new H350. It's big enough to fit fifteen people (including the driver) along with their luggage and is spacious enough for almost any individual to stand into. Driving the H350 is a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel that is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The H350 is one of the contenders in a relatively new segment in the country: the full-sized van or European van segment, although our tollways would prefer to classify it as a bus or, more precisely, Class 2. Unlike the vans we have grown accustomed to, the H350 is longer, wider, and taller by a very large margin. The already massive Hiace LXV and Urvan Premium are easily dwarfed. And so far, the H350’s only competitors are the Volkswagen Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. And because we are gluttons for punishment, we have taken the Herculean task of test driving it.

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