Perhaps the car that defines Porsche, the 911 is considered an icon by sports car fans and racers alike. For 2016 Porsche has updated the 911 with an all new downsized engine. No longer naturally aspirated, the new engine is now a 3.0 liter turbocharged flat-6 that's more powerful than its unboosted predecessor. Variants include the the Carrera S and the Carrera 4S with the latter having all-wheel drive. Take it for a spirited drive on the road or for some hot laps on the track, the Porsche 911 delivers pure exhilaration in an uncompromised package

Off the west coast of Africa are a chain of islands built up by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. They abruptly rise out of the sea to form the Canary Islands, a colony of Spain. We were in Tenerife, the largest of the islands with a picturesque mix of highway, mountain and rural roads. There could be no better car for the island’s numerous narrow and winding roads than the 2016 911 Carrera, Carrera S, and Carrera S Cabriolet.

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