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2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser

updated: December 24, 2016 12:57 | launched: 18-01-22 00:44:59

Styling-wise, the Toyota FJ Cruiser pays tribute to the original Land Cruiser, the FJ40. With its round headlights and upright windshield, it wears retro styling with pride. The retro theme follows inside with color keyed interior panels and short dashboard. The FJ Cruiser is powered by a 4.0 V6 engine and has four wheel drive as standard. The FJ Cruiser starts at Php1,844,000.


In spite of its bulky appearance, the soft ride, quirky yet flexible interior, tons of space, and high clearance have helped the FJ appeal to quite a broad demographic. You’ll see it being driven by students, to young professionals to even a few senior citizens. The TRD kit may not appeal to all of them, yet strikes a good balance between keeping it civil yet still highlighting its off-road abilities. It ticks all the prerequisites for those that want to go off-roading yet aren’t as permanent and irreversible as parts like a snorkel or bull bar.

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After spending some time aboard the Toyota FJ Cruiser, a model that Toyota Motor Philippines only started bringing in last year, I can safely say that the world deserves more automobiles like this; cars that are pure of purpose and unapologetically cool. Sure, there are some little niggles and it does feel a little plasticky, but very few SUVs out there can actually match the FJ Cruiser in terms of design, capability or even outright character.

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2015 Toyota FJ Cruiser VARIANTS AND PRICES

4.0 L V6 4WD AT

3956cc Gas

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