GE GaragE is an enthusiast group specifically formed for the GE body Honda Jazz/Fit composed of car fanatics from different car clubs enjoined by their common passion. The group held its first official meet on January 19, 2010 at Bridgestone Tire Center at the Bonfacio Global City giving birth to the club.

A month after, on February 13th, the group made its first official public debut at an event hosted by Honda Cars Global City. Presented at the debut was a free-flowing forum where GE-body Honda Jazz/Fit owners and enthusiasts could express their insights and opinions about the car they all love. GE GaragE is not only about cars, but is also concerned on how to give something back to the local communities they belong to, helping people and creating new friends.

GE GaragE 2014 FitFest at Commerce Center BGC

Aside from regular car meets, the group holds activities like track days, fun runs, charity works, sports activities, and promote camaraderie with other car communities to promote the love of cars. Highlight activities of the group include the first-ever Honda Jazz/Fit One-Make Track Day in the Philippines held at the Pocholo Ramirez Subic International Raceway and a plant tour at Honda Cars Philippines Inc. factory in Santa Rosa, Laguna. The group also launched an annual event called FitFest recently, a car show all about the Honda Fit/Jazz.

Currently, GE GaragE is composed of sixty active and strong members who regularly participate in club activities as well as make positive contributions to the community by sharing their knowledge and experience about their own cars.

"GE GaragE will definitely stay as a free community for those who have a Honda Jazz/Fit GE, or even several of them, for the years to come. GE GaragE is the biggest and most active Honda Jazz Group in the Philippines to date," says Carlo Lee.

The group is led by its main proponents and pioneer members Carlo Lee, Jonas Salonga, Mark Luna and Melvin Dionisio. They expressed unitedly that "GE GaragE is not only about cars but also about giving something back to local communities they belong to, helping people and making new friends along the way."

"We can't do this all without continuous support from our valued partners Bridgestone Philippines, Motul, Auto Junction, Mp33 Carwash, JD Mechanics, Detail Plus, Iann Fuentes Foundation; to name a few," adds Lee.