The MitsuLancerPH (MLPH), the premiere Lancer enthusiast club of the Philippines, was formed to discuss anything and everything about the Lancer.

MLPH was founded on April 2004 by Chino Angeles during the time when ClubMitsu, the original Mitsubishi Club, disbanded. According to MLPH's founder, the club started out as a free online forum. From there, members started signing up and when Angeles decided to hold the club's first meet or eyeball, there were about a dozen Lancers who showed up.

Since then, MLPH's members grew rapidly specifically in the greater Metro Manila area as well as in the provinces. To date, MLPH already has representation in international cities like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States.

MitsuLancerPH club

MLPH is headed by its Club President Roderic Maranan which is supported by the group's council composed of Joey Ordoñez, Roland Manansala, Edwin Rodriguez, Miko Nadal, Eugene Querubin, Marvin Dungao, Archie Alvarez, AJ Rodriguez and Aaron Briones.

As of this writing, MLPH have about 6,350 online members and around 350 of those are actively participating in the club. MLPH normally have weekly eyeballs where they gather to bond with other members. They also have a grand eyeball every month and an annual anniversary meet which are participated by MLPH's area crews.

According to MLPH, the club has a number of area crews which includes the Westgate Crew (comprised of members from Alabang and Las Pinas); Cavite Crew; Laguna Crew (catering to members from the south); TAYABI Crew (comprised of Taytay, Angono and Binangonan); FairNova and QC Crew. MLPH also have specific crews in Pasig, Taguig and Makati.

MitsuLancerPH club

MLPH also have outreach programs as well as conduct fun runs. In addition, the club joins and holds races and track activities at the Batangas Racing Circuit and Clark International Speedway.

MLPH members usually have their meets at Ortigas Home Depot, Greenhills Shopping Center, Caltex/Total Alabang, Caltex Buendia and Shell Julia Vargas.

MitsuLancerPH club

When asked what is unique to MLPH, the club said that they treat everyone as family and welcomes car afficionados regardless of what car they bring during their eyeballs. Overall, MLPH said that the main foundation of their club is valuing respect towards its members. With this, the club intends to make sure that MLPH is “very open, unconfrontational and beneficial to everyone.”

Looking to join? You can find MitsuLancerPH on Facebook.