The Two Point Zero (TPZ) enthusiasts group was formed for Toyota ST191 Corona owners to share inputs about their cars, gain new acquaintances and to simply have fun. The group aims to be an avenue to learn from other member's cars and experiences.

The group was founded on March 2012 as Facebook started to become the platform for car groups. Robb Abellar created the Two Point Zero Facebook group along with founding members Vin Abellar, Brian Badilla and John Servida.

"We also have deliberation committee of 7 who works together in evaluating aspiring members to become official members of the group," says Badilla.

TPZ meet 1

As of writing, Two Point Zero have 81 official members and 933 Facebook group members. The official members are those consistently present in the gatherings of the group. Two Point Zero says that they look into the commitment of a certain member to be officially part of the group. 

Two Point Zero normally have monthly "Get Togethers" at Yellow Cab in Shell Macapagal, Blue Bay Walk, Harbor Sqaure in PICC or at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. This serves as their avenue to get to know everyone better, to share their experiences and to show upgrades with their cars.

The group also join track days, with the most recent being the last two legs of the Vios Cup. Two Point Zero also joins carshows with member cars winning various awards. In the future, the group aims to do charity or outreach events.

When asked about what is unique to Two Point Zero, they said that they are the biggest group of ST191 owners. Furthermore, Two Point Zero has all types of the 3S engine which works to their advantage especially when they need to troubleshoot problems of their members. The group has since expanded to adding members who don't necessarily have a Toyota ST191, but has a Toyota fitted with a 3S engine.

TPZ meet 2

What's unique about the TPZ group is that it doesn't have a set of officers, because they believe in "giving value to the opinion of everyone in the family."

The group also seems to have a strong bond despite not belonging any official club. It rained hard the evening we did the feature, but 38 cars still showed up as over 60 of them stayed on to hang out and talk about the cars they love.

Looking to join? You can find the twopointzero enthusiasts on Facebook.