The Southside Racers Association recently organized the 1st Castrol-Cebu Mayor's Cup Invitational Drag Race at the South Reclamation Road in Cebu City. It was the first ever organized bracket race in Cebu City. The debut race attracted 58 competitors from all over Cebu and more than three thousand racing fans as the WCC Portatree wowed the crowd with its giant scoreboards.

"We are very delighted with the outcome of this event and we are thankful to everyone who supported us, especially to Mato Tan and Willie Chua who came all the way from Manila to assist us in putting up this event with the WCC Portatree," said Mr. Sonny Uy, President of the Southside Racers Association.

In the Quick-8 heads up class, it was Mariano Osmeņa who took home the win aboard his Mitsubishi Eclipse posting a 13.033 second pass dispatching David Lim's nitrous fed 13-second BMW M3 on the final round. Other Quick-8 qualifiers were Mato Tan, Dondi Montecillo, Titus Tagalog. Frederick Chua, David Lim's Nissan Skyline.

It was a head to head showdown in Class A between Mariano Osmeņa and David Lim. Lim, this time aboard his Nissan Skyline GT-R which was the top qualifier of the day with a 12.25 second pass. However, Lim redlighted with a jump start handing over the win to Osmeņa.

In Class B, Dondi Montecillo piloted the All-motor D-Force Civic Hatchback to victory after a final round face off with Maning Velayo. Montecillo was almost eliminated earlier in the day when he faced off against Cebu's Lord Seno on the Auto Care Racing All-motor Civic Hatchback prepared by Matonetics in a very close race. It resulted in a double breakout, with Montecillo winning with a smaller breakout margin. Despite not being able to take home the Class B crown, Auto Care Racing's Seno definitely had one thing to brag about, as they now have Cebu's Quickest All-Motor Car with a 13.06 second ET.

In Class C, Miguel Laraurri piloted his Nissan 300ZX to victory as he dispatched George Mendoza on his Honda Civic in the final round with a 15.099 run just .099 second shy of a breakout.

In Class D, George Mendoza claimed victory on a different car, this time a Toyota Corolla and dispatched Steve Lumalinog with much ease as he crossed the finish line. A highlight of Class D was a Multicab participant which amused the crowd as staged on the starting line.